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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hand Me Downs

I'm so envious of the little girl. Her abroad-based elder cousin just got home and she had lots of hand-me-downs for Aling Makulit. It'll definitely be quite a while before we buy her new clothes since her closet has enough even until she turns 4. I don't mind her wearing those pre-loved clothes since they're all good as new. I think this will turn to my advantage as, instead of buying some for her, I'll have a spare budget to buy myself some trendy clothing at katydid or from my favorite clothing store.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Rainbow Loom Fever

It's official. Kuya A and I caught the Rainbow Loom fever and we're hooked. The little boy learned to do the fishtail pattern fast and has made each one of us bracelets in different colors. He's also amazed with boy figure patterns but since those patterns are challenging, he passes the board to me and asks me to finish it. So far, we've successfully added a Minion, Flappy Bird, Minecraft's Steve to his growing collection of loom bracelets. Among the next projects we'll do are super heroes and loom pretty cool watches just like this. Looks pretty simple but we're yet to source a watch that we can work on.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Gift

Asher is so happy with the gift she received from his playmates.  I’m not actually sure if the gift was interchanged between him and Ashley but just the same, Ashley doesn't mind anyway if her Kuya loves playing with it.  It’s actually a microphone shaped bubble toy.  The bubble solution has already run out but still he finds it useful because that’s what he uses when he feels like doing a concert and pretend that our ovis furniture are his unmoving audience, literally.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oppa Asher

Guess who’s still hyped with the Oppa Gangnam bug and has even mastered the moves.  Asher may not have inherited the smooth dancing moves of his Daddy but he so loves to move and jump up and down whenever he hears fast upbeat songs.  As expected, he has mastered the Oppa Gangnam Style steps in a jiffy just by watching it on YouTube.  Perhaps, among the million hits of the video, a remarkable percentage comes from him.  Probably, if he has the audio technica atw-r3100b atw-t341b, the neighbors would have complained already because of the endless loud reruns.  Meanwhile, I’m still persuading the husband to accompany Asher do the Oppa Gangnam Dance as in intermission in Ashley’s birthday party program.  I’m still getting a big, fat NO. LOL.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Asher’s Music Fancy

Asher’s fancy about musical instruments or music in general is just astounding.  Whenever he hears a song that he fancies, he’ll ask us to download it on our iphone and iPad so he can play and dance with it (for fast music) over and over.  Whenever he watches Imagination Movers on Disney, he asks in his sweetest voice if we can buy him a trombone, violin, guitar (With cheap ghs electric guitar strings at guitar center) and a drum set .  He used his plastic xylophone sticks and mini-couches to assemble a make shift drum set.  At the moment, he loves singing Roar and What Does the Fox Say (while he dances to it).

On Occasional Blogging

Oh how I miss blogging about my kids.  How I wish I have all the time and energy so I can keep up with this blog.  But having a business and being a full time mom to two kids won’t just let me.  That’s why I so envy and I’m amazed by fellow Work At Home Moms who do not have helpers and some even homeschool their kids but they can still manage to keep their blogs up to date.  I miss those times when I can blog my heart out and chronicle their milestones or just post a random short letter.  So that when they learn to read and chance upon my blog, they’ll get to know my thoughts about them.  That’s why I’ve also been really careful and not blog about things that might make them cringe.  I can just imagine their surprise when they see sildenafil online or other adult matters on this blog.  Part of my new year goals is to work on memory keeping and blogging is among them.  I know that I won’t have all the time but I’ll try to blog whenever I can.


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