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Monday, August 31, 2009

Invitations Baby Shower

Printable Baby Shower InvitationsA Baby Shower is a well known tradition in the US and is also increasingly popular here in our country. Like bridal showers and bachelorette parties, baby showers are lately more open to new ideas, fads, concepts, themes and I have to say it has now become more advanced. Like for instance, on Shower Invitations alone, more and more high-tech concepts are being introduced over time.  Gone are the word of mouth invites or simple, plain and handwritten baby shower invites on just a piece of paper.

Now, you can hire the services of expert artists, like CardsShoppe, who can skillfully customize and produce layouts like the one on the left.  More can be found at http://www.cardsshoppe.com.  Ordering from them doesn't take ages to wait.  After forwarding your invitations baby shower design details, they'll be submitting the draft for your approval in just a few minutes via their patented Instant Preview Features.  They are also able to have your invitations baby shower shipped right after you approve them.

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"The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground."
~G K Chesterton

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mommy Moments: Name Game

mommy moments


My son's name is Asher Malik.
Asher - /pronounced as Ey-sher/ - Hebrew in origin
- means “happy”, “blessed”
- Biblical meaning: Asher, the eighth son of Jacob, was promised a life blessed with abundance.
Malik - Arabic in origin
- means “master”, “king”

When we were still trying to conceive, my husband has long wanted to have a baby boy for our firstborn. He was also convince that his name would have to be “Asher”. I am just not sure how he first heard or learned about this name but I remember him saying that he’d wanted to have significant and biblical meanings for the names of our would-be children. Since it took us a while before we finally got pregnant, the term “blessed” would be apt to us.

So there, when we found out on my 17th week that we’d indeed be having a baby boy, we started calling him by that name. That’s why on my pregnancy –related posts on my other blog, I referred to him as “Baby A”.

His second name, Malik, was just suddenly thought of while hubby and I were chatting over YM. I was on bed rest that time due to spotting on my 21st week. I asked him to start thinking of Baby A’s second name. He said that he’d want one that has a meaning of a leader, king, or relating to having a great power. We both googled and listed names that we got…pairing it with Asher checking if it sounds right. It was me, actually, who found the name “Malik”. At first it was a joke, Malik because he was so “malik-ot” inside my tummy. Hubby agreed that it indeed sounds good.

Side notes and trivias:
1. I, on the other hand, wanted our firstborn to be a girl. Her name would have been Alexa Khloe.  I guess we have to save that for his future sister.
2. My sisters used to call Asher and even up to now occassionally…Baldog. They got it from me when I joked that Baldog and some other mabantot names would be his second name.
3. Other options for his second name were: Keith, Matthew, Paul and several other common names.
4. My Lola (Asher’s great grandma) thought he heard it as “Eraser”.
5. Asher’s Lolo (hubby’s dad) call him “Bilog” or “Ensaymada” because of his round cheeks.
6. Paul and I sometimes call him “Asherito” because he’s our little baby.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Landing of the Stork Baby Announcement

Photo Baby AnnouncementHave you ever wondered why a stork is popularly associated with childbirth, thus the phrase, "the landing of the stork"? Or why an image of stork bearing an infant wrapped in a sling held in its beak is common in baby announcements or baby shower invitations such as on the sample image on the left? This actually originated in Western culture where the "The stork brought you to us" reply was the tactic used to avoid adult discussion on child's query of "Where did I come from?".

Should you not opt to have photo baby announcements to announce the birth of your child, you might want to try the stork birth announcements designs over at http://www.cards-411.com. They have the widest selection of unique announcements baby cards that is why they tag themselves as the one stop shop for personalized baby announcements and invitations. Cards-411 can modify the layout as you wish at no extra cost.

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My Little Koreano.

DSC_2508 DSC_2507 DSC_2506 DSC_2504
Photos taken on August 9, 2009 ~ Asher at 17 months 1 week

The different faces of Asher in 15 seconds or less.

Looking at my son in these frames remind me of the others' usual comment on his features and the monicker he was given: "Koreano" (sometimes, "Japanese"). I think it has something to do with his eyes which he got from my side particularly, from my maternal grandma who has some oriental blood.

Hmmm..will he be a Jun Pyo in the making? Not bad.

This is perhaps the reason why they say that Asher got most of his facial features from me. To which the husband jokingly concurs: "Okay lang, basta sakin magmamana dapat ng height."

Okay, fine..alpine!

Preggy and Birthing Journal Meme.

I have just recently blogged about Baby Shower invitations and since I'm feeling nostalgic about my pregnancy and birthing experience with Asher, here are some more tidbits you might wanna know.
Thanks mareng Kathy for this meme.

1. What food did you crave when you were pregnant?
There were a lot at different phases of my pregnancy. I loved spaghetti, sopas and Mentos fruity flavor in the first trimester. Eggplant and tuyo in second trimester. Watermelon on the latter part.

2. Did you gain a lot of weight when you were pregnant?
Yes. My heaviest was at 129 pounds from 105 pounds pre-pregnancy weight. 24 pounds seem just little for most but for me whose average weight for the longest time was 95 pounds, the preggy weight gain was a lot. Due to breastfeeding until now that my son is 18 months, I've trimmed my weight down further to just 90 pounds at the moment. Breastfeeding rules!

3. Did you drink milk when you were pregnant?
Yes, for the baby, I was consistent in drinking my Anmum every night for the whole 9 months. Loved the chocolate flavor.

4. How long did you stay in the labor room before your delivery?
19 LONGGGGG hours! I got admitted in the labor room at 4 am but my son decided to come out at 11:01 in the evening. My tummy's contracting the whole time but actually, the active labor began at 4 pm so it wasn't really painful all throughout the 19 hours. I got admitted early because of ruptured waterbag.

5. Did you have epidural during labor?
Yes...during the 5-6 cm mark I think...and that was around 6 in the evening. I couldn't handle the pain anymore so I already begged for one.

6. How did you give birth?
NSD. Despite the long labor, I'm thankful that I was able to give birth naturally. As much as possible, I didn't want to give birth via CS not only to avoid higher cost it'd entail but also the longer recovery it would cause my body after birth. Further, delivering via NSD is best for babies because it will build their immune system stronger early on.

7. What was your first reaction when you heard your baby's cry and saw him/her for the first time?
oh, It was love at first sight! I was so happy to finally see the baby I've nurtured in my womb for 9 months. Hubby and I have been fervently longing to have him for 2 1/2 years since we got married.

8. Prior to that moment when you first held your baby, did you know how to carry a newborn?
A bit. But I think, being able to cradle a baby comes naturally to a mom.

9. Did you take a bath after your delivery?
I took a bath after 3 days I think. I was already discharged from the hospital then.

10. How was your first night with your baby like?
It was hard. My head felt it was going to explode because my son keeps waking up every after 2 hours. It may the toughest night ever but both hubby and I were stoked.

11. Did you breastfeed your baby?
Yes. Just like my breastfeeding ticker on the sidebar says, I've been breastfeeding for 1 year 5 months 3 weeks and 4 days. It's not all comfort but I'm willing to sacrifice and give everything for the good of my son. I will continue to breastfeed for as long as I can and for as long as my son demands for it.

12. If you were to pick just one moment from the time you gave birth until the moment you were discharged from the hospital, which do you think is the most special moment for you?
The first time I saw him as soon as he came out and they let him latched on me. That was the first time we held each other and it was pure magic. The delivery pains and exhaustion suddenly vanished without a trace.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Invitations.

Free Baby Shower InvitationsBaby Showers are one of the things that pregnant Moms often look forward to towards the end of their pregnancy. Mostly, close family members or friends are the ones who organize the baby shower party. They plan on the food to cook or order for delivery, the games and activities to do, gifts to bring and the making/ordering and distribution of baby shower invitations to attendees. This is when the expectant parents feel so much loved by their friends on the coming of their newborn.

Baby invitations are not much of a hassle to take on. In fact, just browsing CardsShoppe http://www.cardsshoppe.com alone will leave you with countless options from among their invitations baby shower. Whether you prefer a blue-themed or a pink-themed one (or a coed color even), it is the ultimate online source for custom and unique Baby Shower Invitations. They offer enticing deals and freebies that you would find it difficult to resist.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

17th-18th Months.


I wasn't able to list down Asher's 17th month development report earlier this month. Since he's turning 18th months next week, I'm just consolidating both months into one report.

Body: Weight and Height
1. As of last checkup, he now weighs 11 kilos (a half kilo increase from his last). A bit below the average weight of babies his age but it's not bothersome as he's still within the normal range (meaning, he's not underweight). He has grown taller to 33 inches now. He's now taller than the dining table.

Physical Development:
2. He now walks steadily. In fact, he loves running and he enjoys being chased...all the more that he will run.
3. He climbs the stairs by himself while holding on to railing or while we hold his one arm. He loves playing on the slide.
4. He wants to pull things off the shelves and boxes (toys, clothes and even heavy stuffs like filled small and medium sized mineral water bottles) and walk around carrying them. Sometimes, he also helps his Lolo carry the filled but light plastic bags from the grocery.
5. He's more confident in climbing and getting off the bed and chairs.
6. He loves dancing and has mastered about 4 different dance steps. He can even shake his booty talaga and even does the Nobody and Jai Ho dance steps (hands).
7. On hand and finger dexterity: He loves to scribble with his big crayons or pen. He can also stack toys into tower and knocks down after. He also loves dropping coins to his piggy bank and the shape colored toys into the shape sorter. He's showing preference to do things with his left hand like when giving high five, do the "lagot" sign, when he shows his index finger when asked how old is he. When he hits, we can feel that his left is more powerful than the right. But it's too early to tell if he's really left-handed. He loves pressing the telephone buttons or my cellphone numpad (as if he's dialing) then puts the receiver on his ears after.

Cognitive and Mental Development:
8. Can follow simple commands like: "give me that toy", "kiss and hug mommy", "remove your sandals", "wipe your mouth", "come here" and "knock on the door".
9. Loves looking and pointing at picture books.
10. Joins the students at my in-laws' pre school in singing nursery rhymes with actions. His favorites are: "Sit down you're rocking the boat", "Fly Fly Butterfly" and the National Anthem during the flag ceremony every morning. He puts his right hand on his chest and dances like crazy.
11. He does the sign of the cross this way: In the name of the Father (touches his forehead), of the Son (touches his tummy), and of the Holy Spirit (he touches his back and any part of his body that he wishes to touch). LOL. Ang kulit! When he sees Santino or just hear the May Bukas Pa theme song, he does the "praying" sign.
12. He associates things with their proper usage. Like when he sees his spoon, he pretends as if he's eating. He knows that a "mouse" is for the laptop. He wears sunglasses by himself. He calls his daddy via the telephone or cellphone.
13. He can point to the following body parts: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, head, armpit, tummy and birdie.
14. His face cringes when he hears the term "baho" or "bad smell".
15. He lullabies his Mickey Mouse plush toy as if it's a baby.
16. He asks for his Bioneem when he has mosquito bites.
17. He pulls your hand and ask to open the fridge if he's thirsty.
18. Likewise, when he wants to pee. He'll hold your hand and lead the way to the CR. More of his "child led" potty training update here.
19. He's a keen observer and imitates an action even if you don't teach him directly. There was one time his Daddy cleaned his rubber floor mat with a cloth (in nanlalampaso style). We were shocked when we saw Asher later on grabbing the same cloth and cleaning his mat the way his Daddy did it.
20. Vocabulary and communication skills are immensely expanding.
21. He's becoming fond of animals more and more.
22. He's a great storyteller na rin and a good actor.

Emotional and Behavorial Development
23. Has easily aroused yet short-lived temper. He babbles and shouts unintelligible sounds when he's angry plus he hits.
24. He doesn't want me to get angry. He right away smooches me on the lips and hugs me upon hearing my angry tone.
25. He can also be a bully sometimes. All the more he continues what he's doing if you say "No".
26. He says and waves "hi" and "bye".
27. He cries out of jealousy and throw tantrums if he sees me carrying/holding his baby cousin.
28. He expresses preferences on clothes and shoes to wear.
29. He, most of the time, refuses to be touched or hugged by his cousin Kylie or his playmate who's of his age.

Working On Communication Skills.

Asher's communication skills are significantly improving. At 17 months (18 months in one week), he can now comprehend what we say and responds through body and hand signals and verbally, even.

Mommy: Asher, how old are you?
Asher: One but pronounced as Waaan with a very long "a" *his index finger signaling number 1*

Mommy: Asher, gutom ka na?
Asher: *Closes and opens mouth simultaneously* and says..Niyam niyam niyam
Funny, when asked "Asher, are you hungry?" He responds the same so that means he understands both Tagalog and English. :)

Mommy: Asher, do you love Mommy/Daddy?
There are variations in his answer:
Asher (answer 1): O-o
(We're teaching him to say "opo" but he can't enunciate the "po" part yet)
Asher (answer 2): esshhh *Nods his head*
And when breastfeeding, he answers: Mmm mmm

When I'm breastfeeding him, I always say "I love you, Asher"
To which he replies: "Mmm mmm"

Mommy: Asher, do you want Mommy to get mad?
Asher: *he shakes his head in disapproval*

Mommy: What did Jollibee do to you?
Asher: *He becomes a storyteller and best actor with his series of actions*

Mommy: Asher, where's Daddy?
Asher: Ishh (as in office)

Mommy: Ano sabi ng pwet mo?
Asher: Pffttt (imitating a fart sound)

Then he mouths off the following in a firm voice when he's angry and we can't comprehend what he wants us to do. He babbles a lot of unintelligible syllables and rhymes.

"abiya biya piche oo oo oo wo miyo" and some more random syllables.

His vocabulary includes the following:
1. daddy or dy
2. mum or momom
3. bye
4. hi
5. one
6. ball (bow)
7. dede
8. cheese
9. office (issh)
10. fish (issh)
11. Yes
12. Wala (wa)
13. cousin Kylie (Ayee)
14. Lolo (wowo)
15. Yayay (Yayee)

Disaster Maker.

Want to take a peek how the little one causes disaster in our room each day?

Image0139.jpg Image0138.jpgImage0157.jpgImage0188.jpg

Bukas diyan, bukas doon...tapon diyan, tapon doon..Hay!

I try to tidy up the room after each playing session but sometimes I really get tired that I just leave the mess muna. Also, most of the time, I'm not yet done with my cleaning and there goes the little brat messing them up again. Really tiring. So what do I do? I just clean up everything when the disaster maker is already asleep.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Asher the Learner.

I don't know what's wrong but I can't upload my camphone taken pictures to my Flickr gallery using the Yahoo Go application today. I wish to share the pictures of Asher in which he shows his interest to learn. We pasted a couple of cardboard displays of Numbers and ABCs of objects on the wall that he interestingly look at each day. He points to each object and says "ehhhh" while he anticipates and we say what that particular object is. He points from one object to another until we finish all of them and sometimes, we go on repeating the whole set already. I can't wait when it'll be the other way around wherein, we'll be the one to point the object then he'll tell what that is. I know it'll be soon because Asher is one smart little kiddo.

Meanwhile, I tried uploading the pictures again but alas, it still didn't work. I'll just share it here once it proceeds okay.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Potty Training.

Si kamot king.

Just sharing a picture of my napping son. This was taken I think one afternoon last week while he was about to wake up. He suddenly scratched his tummy while I snapped away.

I uploaded this on my Flickr gallery and a couple of friends asked if Asher's potty trained already because he's just wearing his brief in this picture. We've been practicing the "child led" potty training. Work is still in progress and it's still a long way to go but we've started to reap good results for months now. "Child led" potty training means following your child's signals and taking it slow. At this stage, he wears his diaper just at night because during the day, he can already determine and signal when he's about to pee. He touches his little something down there when he feels it so that's our cue to take him to the CR. Or if we're too slow to react and he already made the accident before we notice, he touches his wet brief. He naps and wakes up dry, too. I can't exactly remember when he learned this but it started when we train him to make number 1 every time he wakes up from his nap. So with bladder control, I think we're 50% done. I am also glad with the savings we're having on his diaper supplies since it's his washable briefs that are well-used now during the day.

As for the bowel control, he also has his way of telling like what happened just tonight. He was doing the "push" thing and then he suddenly took my hand and led me to the CR. However, he doesn't want yet to be seated alone on the toilet bowl while doing his thing. He prefers to stand up although sometimes he's assisted by his nanny in a peculiar seated way...which is just okay for me as I don't want it to be a parent-led training. I don't want to force on him the correct way yet because 1) he is perhaps overwhelmed by the humongous toilet bowl 2) he can be super likot that I fear he might fall into it 3) he's way too young to bowel control him...after all his communication skills are yet to be fully developed which is one of the important factors in successful full potty training.

Again, Asher, we're just following your signals and we're taking things slow.

We're not on a race. Period.

SAHMs Should Never Stop Learning.

Those considering to learn and further their knowledge about cosmetology should check out this interesting beauty school indianapolis site. Regency is the fastest growing beauty school in the US and their unique approach to cosmetology education makes them way above the rest. Even though SAHMs are just confined in the house, they should never ever stop learning about what interest them or just about anything in the outside world.

Mommy Moments: Rain Rain Go Away

mommy moments

Dinner with UST High School Friends

I know, a not so 'rain rain go away' entry this week. I went through Asher's gallery and this is the closest I got for the theme. He doesn't have any picture clad in a rainy day outfit while posing outside with the rain and all. First, he's way too young to let him enjoy it especially now that it's so easy to get sickly given the overly unpredictable weather that we have. Second, he doesn't have a raincoat or own little umbrella to boot. He knows though what umbrellas are for and he enjoys using one.

Speaking of rains and thunders, I'm amazed how Asher appears unafraid of such. While heavy rains pounded the metropolis at the wee hours this morning, Asher was awakened by the loud thunders. He stood up, held on to the mounts and wanted to peep outside by the window. He kept on covering his cheeks (supposedly ears) with his hands and kept on babbling. It's his way of telling me "Mom, there are thunders". We taught him to do that action if we ask "Asher, what will you do if there's a thunder?" That's one of his latest learnings actually..which reminds me, I am yet to blog his recent antics.

Letter To Asher 08.22.09 (Time Flies By)

Dear Son,

When I say the cliche "time flies by fast", I really am amazed how it does. Just by mere looking at you each day, it feels like I'm in a time machine moving in an overly fast forward mode because you're growing way too fast. Not just physically but more on your emotional and mental development. You've turned 17 months last August 2 and pardon if I haven't listed down your milestone report to support what I'm meaning to say. I'm intending to blog about each discovery of you, one by one, then summarize and link all in one post. I guess you've figured that it would really take me a long time knowing how Mommy is a great procrastinator. Anyway, I'm hoping that I get to finish it in a couple of days.

Afternoon bonding moment. Asher just woke up.

Last night, your Daddy arranged your recent picture prints in your album and oh boy, both of us marveled how our then little, delicate offspring is now an overly, active and sociable little tot. I guess, as each day pass by, I have to little by little prepare myself as well of what to expect of you in the next days, weeks, months and years to come. When the time comes that you'll approach me one day and ask how to get rid of acne or how to court a girl you like, until then that I'll ask myself again "where did the time go?" I have to be honest with you my child, I dread that day not because it only means that I'm getting old, but more on the fact that I could no longer cradle you to sleep while singing your favorite Brahms Lullaby. That you would no longer let me smooch you on your cheeks (and armpit) as much as I want. That I would no longer be the one and only queen in your life. But on the contrary, I'd be fulfilled when that time comes become it only means that I've done everything great as your Mom.

I love you,

Don't Say The Darndest Things.

I just browsed one of my favorite parenting sites and read about the 5 Things Not To Say To A Breastfeeding Mom. I can totally relate and I find myself agreeing "so true!" to most of the statements. "You're breastfeeding? I thought it trims down your pregnancy fats fast. I suppose you need some Acai Berry Energy Supplements to work on your pregnancy fats?" Hmm totally offensive and tactless huh? I may not hear this because I have gone to my pre-pregnancy small body built fast but I feel for those moms who have an opposite body mechanism. There are surely lots of great raves about these Acai berries as it is claimed now as one of the most potent sources of antioxidants. Many pharmaceutical companies are even making vitamins from it and marketed as a true energy supplement. However, do remember that moms, especially those who have just given birth have unstable hormones making them overly sensitive to "weight" remarks. So remember, don't ever say that darndest things to a just delivered Mom.

Photohunt: Ripples


Ayaw na paawat.

A picture of Asher obviously enjoying the ripples his stomping feet caused on the water. This was taken last May at the fine beaches of Laiya in Batangas where we had our Mother's Day celebration. He is such a water baby that he can stay and won't have any dull moment on the water.

The Breastfeeding Club's Baby Shower.

I received this email forwarded via the Breastfriends E-groups of which I'm a member. Sharing this to all pregnant readers out there who might be interested to join this one of a kind baby shower activity.

In celebration of the Breastfeeding month, the Breastfeeding Club will be selecting a number of expectant parents to participate in a special activity called A BABY SHOWER BY THE BREASTFEEDING CLUB.

The founder of the group says:

Have your pregnancy portraits taken for free, learn to make your own diaper cake and get a chance to win one too, listen to a professional events planner talk about throwing a baby shower and other events, take note of the top 10 breastfeeding tips and win many prizes in the games and in the raffle... Plus free giveaways from related products and services...

All happening on August 29, Saturday, 10am-12nn at the Medela House,1st St., New Manila Quezon City. Come with your husband and share the many joys of pregnancy with other expectant moms...

It will be a feast to celebrate and honor this Breastfeeding Month. Please confirm your attendance by emailing abbievyabot@yahoo.com or texting me at 09178322243.

Abbie Yabot
Certified La Leche League Leader
Certified Lactation Counselor
Founder - The Breastfeeding Club

So better contact her now to stand a chance of participating this one of a kind event.

Missing the Corporate World?

Before I became a mom, my world was confined in the corporate world for six years. I handled numerous jobs, all of which were closely related to Finance and Accounting works. I graduated with a degree of Commerce major in Business Administration in college so Business Finance, Economics, Investments and Accounting subjects gave me a good background on this department. Back in my freshman year, I aimed to take up Accounting as my major but it became my waterloo come sophomore year so I had to stop dreaming about my CPA goal It wasn't just my thing so my paradigm shifted and I focused on Business Administration instead.

Speaking of accounting, CPA and accounting firms, I just read that there is a highly regarded accounting partnership in New Jersey and Nevada called KondlerCPA. Your business or firm in the area may need a help like audit, review, compilation, bookkeeping, internal control testing, forecast and projection services, their expert group of certified public accountants can be deeply trusted. You may also find their Las Vegas Quickbooks Accounting Firm useful, should your accounting system needs some restructuring. They have served the following industries in the past commendably: Bars and Restaurants, Contractors, Developers, Retail/Convenience Stores and a lot more.

Am I missing the corporate world, thus, I'm currently blogging about this? Nah, not really. I still can't find myself leaving my son at home to become a corporate slave once again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mommy Milk Shake Marathon Year 3


The much-awaited family fun run for breastfeeding, MOMMY MILKSHAKE MARATHON Year 3 is scheduled on September 5, 2009, Saturday at Bonifacio Global City. Event starts at 6:30 AM. Limited slots available, so take advantage of time and register for this special event. For more information, email mommymilkshake@gmail.com or call 7809898.

Please forward to your friends who are expecting, breastfeeding moms and dads who support breastfeeding their babies all the way.

Stay tuned for more information at Mommy Pages.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Little Abstract Artist.

My little artist.Doodle ulit.
Doodle doodle.Mag oorigami na lang daw siya.

These are the pictures taken a few months back when Asher first used the crayons that I bought for him. According to baby and parenting books that I've read, at this stage, giving him artistic materials such as crayons encourage a whole raft of new abilities.

Drawing with a crayon involves fine motor skills such as grasping and holding, for instance, as well as boosting your child's visual sense and tapping his imagination.
Source: Babycenter
It's just impressive of Asher because the moment I gave him the thick, big Crayolas and the sheets of paper, he knew instantly what to do with it. He slumped down on the carpet and doodled away. He scribbled vertical and horizontal lines and curves of different colors on each sheet of paper. Then after a while, he had enough and as he was easily distracted, he experimented on the paper next. He folded and crumpled them as if he wanted to do Origami.

Here are his masterpieces:

Asher's first artwork. Asher's first artwork.

Perhaps, we can also explore and try the art of finger painting next time to further enhance his young artistic mind.

Father and Son.

I can foresee now that just like his daddy, Asher will love to play basketball. He pushes both hands up in the air when asked how to shoot a ball. He has a great addiction to balls, calling them as "bu". Just like his dancer daddy, he can certainly groove and shake his baby booty. I bet he'll grow to have interest on cars too. He loves to sit on Daddy's lap before driving and setting out on the road (see picture above). He loves playing and tinkering the Ferrari parts of these matchboxes his Daddy collected for him. This was the promo from Shell where you can purchase these collectibles for just Php 99 when you tank up with a certain amount of gas.

Ferrari cars.

He loves doodling with his crayons and I hope he grows having artistic hands just like his Daddy. I have a few pictures of his masterpieces which I'll be blogging about in a separate post.

More than all these common interests, I hope and pray that they will forever be best of friends, too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mommy Moments - Part of the Family

mommy moments

I know my entry's a week late and tomorrow, a new prompt is up but I don't want to break my Mommy Moments entries so I am still sharing them. This theme is about our kids with their favorite aunts, uncles, cousins or godparents. So here goes for Asher:

Cousins.In the Airport.
::With cousin Kylie who is just 2 1/2 months younger:: ::With Tito Rely (my brother) and Tito Kevin (Daddy's brother)::

With Tito Mac Asher and Tito Rely.
:: With Tito Mac (my brother):: ::With Tito Rely (my brother)::

With Tita Tetet, whom he calls "tata".With Tita BJ and cousins Kuya Miggy and Kylie
::With Tita Tetet (my sister) who seemingly took in fat burning pills thus, she looks skinnier now:: ::With Tita BJ (Daddy's sister) and cousins Kylie and Kuya Miggy::

Asher has one more aunt but she's based in Qatar so they don't have much pictures together. He also has a new cousin but they won't be seeing each other until next year. Among them, Asher's favorite is Tita Tetet whom he fondly calls "tata".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day by Day.


Twenty-one years from now, I am just certain that we'll have the same perspective as we renew our vows. The idea of destination weddings sounds impossible and it may be too early for me to think about this but I just have this great picture where we'll take a moment to look back, reflect and affirm one's devotion walking hand in hand by the sea....particularly along the secluded white sand beach of Kantenah in the heart of the Riviera Maya where El Dorado Seaside Suites is situated. Okay, I may be way too advanced with my imagination but you can't blame me because I've just browsed their website and I'm so totally swept away how romantic it is to spend even just one night there.

With that said, I just hope that I get my full groove back now.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Christmas Invitations.

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