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Monday, May 31, 2010

Old Navy Loots.

4652220973_12a8661bd6_b These Old Navy pants and shirts are the little one's newest wardrobe additions. These were some of the the greatly discounted deals during the Semi-Annual Kids and Baby Sale last February. Nope, I didn't spend a single penny for this set. Thank God for generous and doting godparents! Asher's Ninong Jordan and Ninang Ode flew last year and stayed in the US for a few months to process their work application. The timing of the sale was great since they were still there and they advised beforehand to just advise if ever I wish to course my US loots shopping through them. I was supposed to pay them but they said that it's the little one's Christmas and Birthday gifts in one as they weren't around during those celebrations. The items on sale then were awesome. There were no kiddie and women's rain boots though since most of the items then are just basic and unseasoned pieces like tees, shirts, shorts and pants. They'll be back in the US next month for good. So I guess I'll be having a personal shopper from Michigan soon. :)

My Future Little Doctor (?)

4652840098_fcb15b353b_b One of Asher's favorite among his countless toys lately is this Doctor Set. He personally chose this set while we were supposedly window shopping at Toy Kingdom two weeks ago. He knew right away what these are for especially the stethoscope. He's reminded of his Pediatrician perhaps. One funny thing when his playing make believe is that he'd really ask me to do deep breathing while he seemingly listen seriously and attentively. Then he will say after that I have "ubo" (cough) when I ask what's wrong with me. Practicing to be a doctor, huh?

Even though he hasn't gone to a dentist yet, he also knows what the mouth mirror is for. This makes a good orientation for him so that he knows what to expect during a dentist visit which he'll do one of these days.

Seeing him play make believe is keeping me in wonder what will he become in the future. Will he be studying about how industrial hand wheels work, or will he examine structures and bridges just like an engineer do? Will a T-Square be his tool or a test tube and microscope? Or will he be interested with economics and business? Or will teaching be his passion? Que sera, sera.

Shrek Happy Meal Toys Collection.

sHREk So far, this Happy Meal Shrek toys collection is the most complete we've ever had from Mcdonald's. They're plenty but sadly we failed to complete the first batch. If we have known that there would be two different sets of Shrek Toys debuting one after the other, we could have bought just one more Happy Meal earlier to complete and get the original Donkey. Eight toys plus three new ones (not in the picture)..just do the math and make a mental note how many Happy Meal sets of Burger Mcdo and and a glass of Coke we've consumed. Those are enough numbers to prompt us to open and browse jointsupplementreviews.net for supplements curing joint and muscle pains incurred in every Mcdonald's visit. Not complaining though as the husband and I were also dead set to complete this toy collection. Shrek holds a special place in our hearts. Click on the picture below, read the journalling and you'll know the special participation of Shrek in one of our most special moments. 2301742238_8cd072d6c3_o

Breastfeeding Update.

Just an update, as my breastfeeding ticker shows:

I’ve been breastfeeding for 2 years, 2 months, 4 weeks and 1 day.

Such a feat, huh? Well, I’ve always been vocal how I so believe in the wonders of breastfeeding. Honestly, I never expected that Asher and I will come this far. We've had our own share of breastfeeding obstacles like clogged ducts and painful engorgement in the first few months. I was forced to "pump and dump" when I underwent my gall stone and gall bladder surgery 2 months after giving birth. We had to deal with dwindling milk supply after six months and yes, I endured merciless biting from the little one during his teething stage when he was around 10 months old. But despite all of these, I am truly proud and happy that I was able to give and is still giving the best for my child. Breastfeeding has so many advantages and one of them is losing the pregnancy weight fast. I didn't have to click here for stomach fat loss techniques and tips. I lost my pregnacy fats fast in a natural and effortless way.

Honestly, I don't know until when I'll breastfeed Asher. The way I see it, weaning at this time is still improbable and impossible. His demand is still so intense and although I know that it's just "comfort feeding" he's after, I know that he's not ready to give it up yet. To be frank, just like him, I am not ready yet, too. Experts say that weaning is a gradual process. It should not be an overnight thing and most importantly, readiness is the biggest factor.


To Our Dear Little “Tipaklong”…

First, let me tell you that no matter what your imperfections are, I want you to know that your Dad and I love you so so so much.  And so, even if you’re Daddy has given you a monicker of “little tipaklong” (grasshopper), he meant nothing and we’re not taking fun of you because you’re lanky.  We’re laughing not because we tease and mean to offend but we’re just amused how you love making silly faces and comically hop like a grasshopper do when you’re undressed and about to take your bath.  You certainly know now how to entertain us.  You won’t stop until you’re sure that you got our attention and heard our laughter. 

I admit I sometimess tend to worry whenever I see that you're less beefy compare to other toddlers of your age. But that doesn't mean that I love you less or I'm not happy of your total being. Don't worry, my son, just like what your Daddy always say, you're perfectly okay. You're no longer sickly for the past months and as long as you're not having quick weight loss, eating enough, just developing and advancing just fine with all other skills, you're really well and good. Whenever I recall how lanky also your Daddy was when he's your age, I'm further pacified.

Here’s An Evidence.


So here’s a picture to support my blog post last Friday about my son being a donut lover.  This was just taken yesterday while we had our snacks and waited for his Ninang Ena at Dunkin Donuts in Victoria Towers.  Sorry for the low quality, I just used my cam phone.  It’s better than nothing though.  Capturing such need not always need a high end camera to savor and preserve the moment.  He just actually consumed his Candy Sprinkle donut and in this picture, he’s on his second piece, a Choco Kreme flavored one.  I wonder what he was thinking here while having a bite.  Perhaps, “Hooray! I can eat as much as I can.  Sorry, colonix I’m too young to deal with you”.  Till next weekend for another donut day, Cher-cher?

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Donut Lover.

Asher loves donuts!  Give him some and he’d surely consume a couple in a matter of just a few minutes.  He isn’t a big fan though of donuts and bagels with nuts or those with lavish fillings and sweet tops.  He favors those with just plain coating like chocolate.  What I order for him at Dunkin Donuts is the Choco Marble flavor.  He also eats in delight my favorite, Boston Kreme.  Perhaps, he remembers the taste and he knows that it was one of my cravings when I was pregnant with him.  The husband usually buys me some every weekends.  I just had it in moderate though because too much sweets is bad during pregnancy.  Not because it’d would could acne requiring mild acne medications but this is to prevent Gestational Diabetes and to avoid the baby from getting too big.  I believe, the little one inherited from me his sweet tooth. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Instant Daily Getaway.

There are just two weeks left this May and just like that, summer will soon be over.  I just realized that we haven’t enjoyed fully summer the way we should be doing.  Meaning..swimming getaways and picnics.  We’ve gone to Laiya on the first week of April with my side of family but other than that, my son hasn’t maximized and worn his rash guard set again yet.  If only our schedules are a lot lighter and if we’re just nearer to the beach, then my son would have swam a lot and could have gotten so tanned.already.  This makes me yearn again to live in one of those Tamarindo Real Estate properties.  These homes and condominiums are developed in a small, peaceful beach town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.  So just imagine how the residents and their kids are having a grand easy time relaxing by the beach.  That’s an instant getaway daily!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Asher Sr.,

For a change, I'm writing a blog letter on this online nook of mine not for our little Asher, but it's for you, Mr. Asher Sr.

You've just turned a year older today and even though we didn't go out for a special lunch or dinner, I hope you enjoyed the Amber sumptuous treat we had over lunch.

These past few days, we've been busy finalizing the details of acquiring our new crib, planning the house move and all. What can I say, despite the exhaustion, I know you know how excited I am to finally feel and realize our long time dream and our biggest project yet. I'm so proud that we're almost there..that the fruit of our hard work is just an arm reach away. Just like me on my birthday last March and this Mother's Day, you also didn't ask nor wish to be gifted with anything like your most desired lens, a xbox 360 or a new watch. Because the Little Mansion itself, is our biggest birthday-Christmas-and-other-special-occasion-gift for ourselves this year. Our endless effort of saving and sacrificing is finally paying off. There's still a long road ahead but I'm confident that we can get through it.

Thank you for being the best provider, for being so supportive and simply a loving husband..thank you for nurturing Asher with so much love.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Eating Time"

That's the next photo prompt/theme for Baby Magazine's July issue Baby Gallery. I'm preparing myself to see photos of cute and chubby babies carelessly eating and unmindful of calories and all those stuffs such as phentermine. Aren't they a subject of envy? They need not to scrimp on their diet because they do not have sexy figures yet to target.

If you're interested to respond to their photo submission call, take note of the following details:

* Deadline of receipt of entries is on May 15, 2010
* Include the following: baby's name, town/city of residence, and contact number
* Email to magazine.baby@gmail.com
* Only clear photos with minimum file size of 500KB will be considered for publication.

Check out the latest issue of Baby Magazine for more details.

Starbucks Tall Mocha Frap...

..thank you for keeping me company at this ungodly hour as I toil on my online works. The boost you just gave sparked my already sleepy mind and with your awakening magic, you remind me how a cell phone signal booster works. For two straight days now, I'm so sleep deprived because night time is the only chance I get to work. As I've mentioned, been caught up with a lot of things that I can hardly breathe during daytime. (Can't wait to open your doors, Little Mansion!) It seems it will be long until I get my regular online rhythm back. Wish me luck!

No Nanny = Weight Loss.

I'm starting to believe that our current setup of not having Yayie for almost 2 weeks now can be considered as one of the best weight loss products and ways. Even though I haven't tipped the scale lately, I just know and I can feel that I further lost some weight. Asher's hyper moves and clingy tendencies are really too much to bear and with all the pressure and stress over other things that I'm faced with, I just don't know how scrawny I'll look further when Yayie comes back from her vacation on Saturday.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Musings on Mother's Day.

Love At First Sight.

This layout has to be one of my all time favorites among my digiscrap "masterpieces". Not only that I am so satisfied with the simple design but the message, the mood and the moment chronicled in this layout will always remain special and precious in my heart. The title says it all...that seeing my son for the first time was indeed a love at first sight. And I'm just thankful because from that moment on, I officially became a Mom. Being a Mom, is definitely NOT an easy task. It is a selfless, thankless, never-ending job that does not demand for anything in return. But no matter how hard and challenging motherhood is, it's the best experience a woman could have. I feel so privileged to become one and I'll be forever grateful to my son for letting me feel how fun and nice it is to be a mom to him.

Pardon my mushy sentiments...it's Mother's Day tomorrow, that's why. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

26th Month.

Dear Asher,

My apologies if I almost forgot to do this. Mommy was just too occupied these past few days because I had to rush and finish all my pending assignments before your Yayie went on her 1 week vacation in the province last Monday.

We're on our 3rd "nannyless" day and I have to admit, my dear Asherito, Mommy's having a hard time on you. Well, on your temper and mood swings for that matter. At 26 months, it's very evident that you've become more assertive of your independence and has become experimental. You've got a pair of heavy hands and no matter how I constantly talk and remind you calmly, you love throwing and tossing up things that you get hold of. Just this lunch, you made a total mess: spilled C2 on the sofa and you intentionally knocked down your Babab Mug on the table. I haven't fully cleaned up your mess and there you went again, you struck your bowl on the table and the next thing I saw was food messed up everywhere. Hay! Que horror! Terrible! You really tested my patience big time a while ago. If not for your charming skill and tight hugs behind those naughty stares and smile, I could have lost my temper, too, and spanked you more. Hayz anak, I love you but please don't test my patience to the limits.

My SpongeBob Squarepants.

But on another note, your 26th month mostly saw you tremendously increasing your vocabulary day by day. I have a list in my cellphone where I jot down your new word for the day which I'd surprisingly hear from you..usually in two to three word sentence and impressively used in the right context. These words include:

- toy, "ipit" (clip), kiss, "hindi" and no, "atdog" (hotdog), buy, hat, ays kim (ice cream), "moush" (mouse), house, bus, truck, train, "e-peyn" (airplane), boat, pool, "kak-tush" (cockroach), head, eyes, nose, lips, "ayaw", hug, "payong" (umbrella), o-wange (orange), panda, rabbit, turtle, monkey, lion, "abot" (reach), "ubos", "pawis", "mamaya", take bath (take a bath), "hawak", "ayos", wash, "nyan" (ganyan), "ipis", "iya" (hila), "sipa" (kick), "pay" (play), "ate", "a b chi" (A-B-C song)etc.

You also now can pronounce your grannies' names: Wowo Appi (Lolo Raffy), Wowo Jun (Lolo Jun), Wawa Liz (Lola Liz) and Wawa Wiwi (Lola Lily).

You can also recognize 90% of the animals (and their names) to their corresponding pictures on the flash cards (and vice versa).

Sometimes, you subject yourself on a timeout even before I begin reprimanding you for misbehaving.

I love you, my son...I love you the way you are. Even though you're super likot and kulit, I know you're just teaching me to become more patient..and making me wiser.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Haircut.

Asher had his haircut yesterday at Cuts For Tots in Trinoma. His Daddy decided to let him sport a new hairstyle this time. Gone are the long bangs and long sides (and back) which has been his hairstyle ever since he was born except when we had him go bald after his first birthday. His Daddy chose the Barber's Cut for him. He looks a bit different. He appears a tad thinner in my opinion but I find him adorable still. His face matured and he definitely look more of a toddler now than a baby. I have to commend the barber for doing such a great and swift job. These barbers underwent special training because they're servicing toddlers and babies who are undoubtedly hard to sit still. I wonder if there's a cosmetology school in Virginia that caters to such little beings. Speaking of beauty schools, I've heard that the renowned Beauty Regency Institute has expanded again and added campuses in a few states. Wow, they're really conquering the cosmetology world in the US.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Noynoy's Number One Fan.

Everybody in the house is unanimously supporting the green flag bearer in the coming elections. But interestingly, one "small" being earnestly supports another.

Mommy: Asher, who will you vote for president?
Asher: Noynoy!!!!
Mommy: No, Asher, let's vote for Gibo.
Asher: No! Noynoy!!!!
Mommy: Gibo!
Asher: Noynoy! Noynoy! Noynoy!

Kampanya galore

The other week, a campaign motorcade passed by our street. Here's a picture I snapped from our window. If you'll look closely, you can see across Asher, his yayie and Daddy. From where I was, I can hear the little one chanting "Noynoy! Noynoy! Noynoy!" as the candidates' vehicles passed by. Buti na lang, the candidates are partymates of Noynoy. LOL.

The Choice Not To Have an Educational Plan.

Should there were no pre-need plans' fiasco and screwups a few years back, I would have also gotten my 2 year old son a college assurance plan the moment he was born. I know how important it is and how beneficial educational plans are as I graduated college through a fully funded educational plan from a big pre-need firm then. My parents and I didn't have to think anymore about my tuition fee during enrollment day. Because everything was being taken care of. Sadly, many pre-need firms have shut down due to bankruptcy leaving many scholars and payors dumbfounded. Their investment which they paid for a long time was just put to nothing. And this is exactly the reason why we chose not to get our son an educational plan. Instead, we opened a trust fund in the bank and that's where we keep our investment for our child's education in the future. Aside from a trust fund, another safe and sure way of securing one's money is through precious metals investment. We haven't started on this but we have plans in a few years time to buy silver bullion and gold coins or bars, perhaps. I have learned from the investment experts that gold and other precious metals remain to be a safe and secure investment.

And Because It's Summer Time..

..the pool is Asher's favorite destination...and "term".

This started when he had a grand time at Acuatico Beach Resort last month. Ever since, he kept on yearning for the pool. Show him a picture of the beach, of the river, and perhaps even water-filled stone sinks, he'd say "pool!". Suffice to say, he's just actually yearning for the water. A dip in the water, more specifically. That's why whenever we're in my folks' house in Makati where there's no water shortage and water bill's not exaggeratedly costly, we inflate his mini-pool and let him enjoy the water. That pose is automatic whenever he sees the camera.

Swimming Swimming

My Little Shades Wearer.

04.11 ~ On Our Way to Pampanga

Sometimes, he would say "hot" as he squints pertaining to the sun's extreme glare and lighting. He certainly knows how to protect his eyes!

Modelling his new shades

In this particular picture, he's actually wearing the newest pair of shades I bought at SM for a hundred and fifty pesos. Now he has an alternate piece to his first Old Navy shades. Isn't he cute with that "Mr. Handsome" look? That's his favorite pose, actually when being shot.


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