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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

His Precious Gold Collection.

My little Asher has been so into his gold collection.  No, he didn’t buy gold coins nor has engaged into hard asset and precious metal investing.  But he’s lovingly attached to his 2 GOLDfish pets.  We bought him a couple of Oranda Goldfishes earlier this month and he certainly enjoys feeding them.  When I give him the cue to feed them every morning, he always shouts in glee “Eating Time!” while he sprinkles on to the water the flakes they eat. As if they understand little A, the two fishes rush to the surface as they voraciously gobble.  It’s nice to know that my son, at an early age, values so much his pet collection.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns a good and wise gold (the real asset) collector when he grows up.  By then, gold will still be a promising investment because it retains its value over the years and no matter what the economic condition is.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Endless LM Blogging.

My apologies if I keep yakking about our big move to our very own Little Mansion across all my blogs.  I’m just excited and really, that’s what my life has been focused on lately, aside of course from taking care of the little one.  Honestly, I’m still overwhelmed by the drastic changes – the routines, the space, the freedom.  I also have to add, the new stuffs.  The new all clad copper core cookware I’ve shopped during the Black Friday sale is now serving its purpose.  Plus, the digital microwave oven we were gifted on our wedding, but we can’t still figure out how to operate it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now We're Using It.

We bought a handycam some time last year but it's only now that we have been maximizing it after figuring out that Memory Stick Duo addresses the limitation of the features. Anyhow, our little one is the main reason why we bought one..for us to document his milestones and antics and have something to watch over and over again. It never ceases to amaze us and make us feel proud of our little man. It makes us feel sentimental too that our baby is indeed growing up so fast. Where did the time really go?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coin Offering.

One of the things that the little one looks forward to when we're attending the Sunday Mass is the offertory part. During this part, he patiently waits for the collectors so he can drop his coins and paper bill. He isn't that familiar yet with the real purpose but at least he has something to be happy about. How I wish I can take a picture of his very appeased face after he has dropped the coins. Another good thing about this is that, he has a positive attitude towards coin handling. There's a big chance that instead of spending it, he might think otherwise and just save it for the mass' offertory. So yes, I might buy gold coins for him the future from usgoldbureau.com - the leader in precious metal investment. I just know how great he will be managing, keeping and collecting coins. I'm impressed how he values them.

Car Enthusiast.

It’s just fascinating that my son is into cars and matchboxes.  He also loves naming and pointing to the different transportation means on the road while on a trip.  He can cleverly identify what’s a bus, a truck, a taxi, an airplane, a train, a bike, a boat and even a tractor.  We introduced these stuffs through his picture books and it’s just delighting that he can associate it in real life.  Looks like we’ll have a car enthusiast in the future


who’ll be crazy with different car types and models, car accessories and outrageous auto body parts like lambo doors.  Or perhaps a pilot or a sailor.  Whatever it will be, as long as he’ll always be safe then it’s just fine with me. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

27th Month.

My Cher-cher dear,

I think I've never been mesmerized this much by how more boisterous and smarter you've become this month. Here are the most notable things on your 27th month:

- You can sing Happy Birthday on your own. The words are a bit unintelligible (ah betday yu yu) but you can carry the tune. You also say "bow tandle" after meaning..you imaginatively "blow a candle".

- My heart is beaming when you say "i lab yu mommy!"..so sweetly and very clearly.

- You also apologize and say "soyi mommy" when I blow my top and scold you for misbehaving. What's just odd is that you repeat that wrongdoing so that you can say "soyi mommy" over and over.

- You can say your thoughts by stringing 4 or more words like "Mommy, cher-cher Babab get ref". He meant to tell me that he got his water (in his Spongebob cup) from the ref.

- Your appetite has increased tremendously (must be the Polynerv syrup effect) but you're hardly gaining a built. You're such a bundle of energy kasi. You run, jump, dance and moving endlessly.

- Every time we pass by a tunnel, an overpass or we're driving in a place where there's a low ceiling, you tuck down and cover your head fearing that it might bump your head. When you get older, I know you'll get even with us all for making you believe and act that way. You look so funny kasi eh.

- You always answer "Office. Buy toy." whenever you are asked where Daddy is. And when he comes home, you search for his bag and ask for a toy.

- Still no sign that you're ready for weaning. In fact you get mad when I say that you have to stop making dede from mommy soon.

- You said "ayaw" when Daddy and I asked if you already want to have a baby sister. Even when we told you that you will have a playmate, you didn't budge when we repeated the question.

- I can say that you're fully potty trained na. You can say you want to make "weewee" and "poopoo" whenever you feel the urge. You also laugh at yourself when you hear and smell the gas you exploded and giggly say "utot cher-cher". Yesterday, we went to and from Lolo's house in Makati with no diaper on. It was a first time and I must say, that's a great job, Cher-cher!

- You love singing with Mommy Ako Ay may Lobo, Eensy Weensy Spinder, Twinkle Twinkle, ABC.."dugtungan" style. You fill in the words when I pause.

- Sadly, you possess a destructive pair of hands. Your toys only last a day or two as you love throwing and banging them. I understand, my baby. It's just natural for your age especially that you love exploring things. But please learn how to value things and there are other ways of learning and exploring.

- Can discern the difference of small and big, tall and short, up and down and demonstrate them with your hands.

- Your tantrums are getting worse and more frequent. Tsk tsk. Take it easy my baby, okay? Mommy's just here to fervently decode what you want and your frustrations.

- You've also become techie as you incessantly ask for my iPod Touch so you can watch your videos or play the kiddie app I've installed. You can skillfully navigate it on your own, I'm deeply surprised! you even know how to unlock the screen by moving the scroll bar.

Okay that's what I remember for now but I know that there's a lot that I missed out. Mommy's indeed getting and my memory's declining. I pray that I can still keep up with you and have the energy to teach, guide and take care of you before the time to enjoy the retirement social security benefits comes. Keep on soaring baby. You know how much your Daddy and I love you so much.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast.

I really find it fascinating that my toddler loves books.  We’ve exposed him to board books as early as 5 months old that’s why.  At first, he just lovingly gnawed on them but this is actually a part of the exploring and learning process so we just let him do so.  Then as months passed, his dexterity improved then he learned and enjoyed flipping the pages.  He stares at the pictures with much delight and wonder.  At 2 years old, he can now expertly name objects, shapes, colors and animals.  I’m also surprised that he can even distinguish some letters of the alphabet now.  He’s indeed developing in leaps and bounds.  The next thing I know, he’ll be a pre-schooler then I might be helping him research college degrees in no time.  Oh boy, my baby’s growing up too fast.

Mommy Moments – Dear Dad



It’s been a while since I last joined Mommy Moments.  As Father’s Day is just a week away, I can’t miss this very timely theme for this week.  According to Mommy Chris, the theme for this week is about letters, art works or messages our kids have for their dads or those letters that we would like to send to our own dads. Very lovely and sweet prompt, I must say.  And this is my take for the theme.  A picture of my little Asher (he was just 14 months old here) surprising his Daddy on his birthday.  The Daddy was clueless about this and I could imagine the surprise on his face at work when he saw this in his Facebook wall.  Obviously the little one could not write (and talk) yet so I had to guide him here.  But nevertheless, it captured his sweetness and thoughtfulness perfectly.  And now that he can talk and is so boisterous, my heart is beaming that he’s so affectionate.  He says “I love you Mommy (or Daddy)” so sweetly.  He also humbly say sorry when I get mad at him for misbehaving.  Just a few months more or one Father’s Day later, he’ll be able to talk more clearly and by then, he’ll write his own letter to his idol Dad.  I won’t be surprised if he’ll also be the one to remind us to take our vitamins every morning in the years to come.  I’m really so enamored that I have one little sweet and thoughtful son and I hope he grows up that way until we’re old.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Future Banker, Investor or Hobbyist.

My 2 year old son has this thing of habitually racking up the coins in my purse.  It’s either he’ll put them in his wallet (yes, he has one as he probably wants to imitate me) or “shoot” them into his piggybank.  He doesn’t want the silver one peso coins.  He’s most after the big five peso coins.  I don’t know if it has to do with the size, color or perhaps, amount.  He might have this knowledge already that a five peso coin has a more value.  I wonder how will he fare if I buy gold coins and give it to him.  Will he equally be interested or put much favor on it?  Well, he might.  Who knows, this little fellow will be a banker, a precious metal investor or a coin hobbyist in the future.  He should make the United States Gold Bureau his resource if ever.  There are a lot of informative articles and great tips there as well as it’s the best American dealer of hard asset investment.


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