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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Asher's Sharp Eyes and "Bilmoko" Attitude

We are at the stage when we now usually have second thoughts of tagging Asher along with us whenever we do grocery shopping or we're bound to a shopping place. It is because he already knows how to point to things he wants us to buy for him and nag or else, he'd throw a fit. He has this keen attention even to the smallest detail that he can recognize his favorite characters from afar. Perhaps even a chest acne can't escape his sharp eyes. When we were at the Manila Book Fair last Sunday, he saw and pointed to every Spongebob, Barney and Dora pictures he saw. Since we love him to bits and we really support his being a baby book lover, we went home with lots of new boardbooks in tow. Much to his delight and excitement, of course.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Filing for Accutane Damages Claims

Was there a time when you were prescribed by your Dermatologist a drug called Accutane? Have you felt any discomforts after like cramping, pain, diarrhea, bleeding, and frequent bowel movements? If yes, then you might have suffered inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This serious injury along with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are the serious side effects of Accutane, a form of vitamin A used to treat severe, cystic acne. This has been withdrawn already from the market after receiving numerous complaints. These complainants can seek the assistance of the expert lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath and file for an Accutane Lawsuit. Damages in the form of medical expenses reimbursement and compensatory damages amounting to millions may be claimed.

Asher's Videos

Capturing Asher's recent antics in video has been my recent fascination. This was actually our main objective why we bought a handycam last year. Every antics and newly learned tricks of him..we treat them very dearly and precious just like loose diamonds. Time flies fast and babies grow quickly so as much as possible, I'd like to document each and every Asher's special moment so we have something to watch, be delighted and enchanted with if we feel like reliving his baby moments in the future. Here are two of his recent magnificent videos:

and another one...

Music lover, eh?

Asher's Appetite

I have repeatedly mentioned how the little one's appetite has tremendously improved in the last couple of months. It is because I can't still fathom how he can manage to eat bread, yogurt, ice cream, milk, etc in between meals and yet he can still devour lunch and dinner as if he hasn't eaten for a week. I'm just glad that he isn't picky eating anymore and I hope that his appetite stays the same all throughout. He also eats veggies and fruits (he loves squash, sayote, malunggay, potatoes and mangoes) much to my delight. I'm not conscious yet about giving him appetite suppressants over the counter since he's too young for that and I really want to beef him up and help him gain the required weight for his age. Just like me, he's on the skinny side so seeing his appetite comforts me. His multivitamins and supplements must really be effective.

Old Coin Collection

I just unearthed my old coin collection which I pooled together when I was still a kid. Actually, I used to collect it with my sister but since she's now migrated abroad, the precious collection was left with me, much to my delight. Most of these coins are local currencies during my childhood years but there's also one gold coin that's quite extraordinary among the rest. If I remember correctly, an aunt gave it to me and I was told to keep it very dearly because it's rare and it may cost a fortune after many years. I'm not sure how much the value of this now but comparing to the rare coins sold in US Gold Bureau, the figure's kind of high and attractive indeed.

My Mr. Bean

First, Barney. Next, Spongebob. Then came, Dora. Then, Yo Gabba Gabba. And now, Mr. Bean.

I can't believe that he's indeed growing up and maturing so fast. His interests even abruptly change. Aside from the DVD compilation of Mr. Bean that we bought him, he also loves watching his funny idol on my iTouch. His favorite episodes so far are the Mind The Baby, Mr. Bean (theme park adventures) and the episode wherein Mr. Bean does crazy antics before he wakes up and rise from the bed one morning. I love watching the little one laugh his heart out over Mr. Bean. And I sincerely believe that he's getting Mr. Bean's comical nature already. He likes making silly faces and he enjoys the attention he gets every time we laugh at his crazy antics. He's surely my Mr. Bean and having him is like having anti aging creams from www.wrinkleeyecream.net because he knows how to make me laugh, smile and look and feel young through his silly antics.

Asher: A Bundle of Energy.

I really do wonder where does Asher get all his energy in a day. I know that it’s natural for boy toddlers of his age to be active but in his case, he’s extraordinarily robust that I’m having a hard time keeping up with him. He has mastered to go up and down our stairs and he does it all by himself now. I just always remind him to on hold tight on the rails to which he would reply “Careful, Mommy?”. On the last step of the stairs, he loves jumping then goes up and jumps down on the floor over and over. He jumps on the bed, on the sofa, everywhere. No wonder why my son does not get fat despite his huge appetite these days. He seemingly has the best fat burner with all the energy that he’s stored for the day.

Coin Collecting For Kids

If you are thinking of easy, safe and fun activity to get your kids involve with, coin collecting is a popular choice. It may start as a hobby but what’s good about this is that it can later on be turned to a great investment. It has always been known that precious metals such as gold coins or in any forms such as ingots and bullions are valuable over time. Now, here are some tips on how to make the hobby of coin collecting a more enjoyable one:
1. You can actually start simple and small. No need to buy right away.
2. Ask old change from friends and relatives.
3. Check local bank of financial institution. Many will sell rolls or bags of coins at face value.
4. Expand the collection by purchasing coins at coin expos, local coin dealers or online coin dealers such as the United States Gold Bureau. For several years now, they have been providing hard asset investments including rare coins to thousands of investors.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

95% Potty Trained

I can proudly say that at 2 1/2 years old, my son's 95% potty trained. He's diaper free all throughout the day (except at bedtime), he can tell and ask for assistance to be led to the bathroom when he feels like doing number 2, and his recent achievement, he does number 1 all by himself unaided in the bathroom! The only problem is that he's too short to reach the toilet bowl and so he urinates on the floor while standing by the door. This leaves a rancid smell but what's good about him is that he tells us when he's finished so we can flush the floor with water after. In fact, we can even leave the house with him un-diapered. This has caused us great savings tremendously and his Daddy and I couldn't be more pleased and proud. I guess it has to do with the early training we've provided him. He always wore cloth diapers when he was still a baby and by the time he turned six months old, he was in undies everyday. So what accounts for the remaining 5%? He's constipated most of the time and just like most of my friends' kids, they do their number 2 thing standing on the bowl. He still refuse to sit down perhaps because he hasn't conquered his fear yet that the bowl might engulf him. But it's okay, it's just one of the things that he isn't ready yet to do. I know that he will learn it in time just like he embraced the first stage of training we gave him before.

I can't believe that I'm talking about potty training now. My son's indeed growing up so fast. The next thing I know, I'm lecturing him on how to prevent pimples come adolescent years. Yikes!

Techie Asher

Next to my laptop, my iPod Touch is my second most favorite gadget that I have in possession. Aside from the on-the-go internet feature it provides (our router and modem now run 24/7), this is my stress-buster and my sleep aid when the Dream Fairy refuses to visit me just yet. Other than that, this also serves as Asher’s favorite tool to watch instantly his baby videos, Youtube videos of Mr. Bean, Yo Gabba Gabba, Barney, Dora, etc. In fact, he has rightfully claimed this as “his” already. He has learned at his early age to maneuver and find his way to the right videos he’s meaning to watch. Very techie, huh?

I’m just uploading to Youtube a video of him tinkering the iPod. I’ll share it here once the upload completes.

As promised, here's the uploaded video:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Enrolling in a Beauty School

I really admire those who have a knack with hairdressing and makeup application.  I have my complete makeup tools and supplies with me but honestly, they are all under utilized especially the non-neutral colors.  Mixing and matching colors is among my weaknesses when it comes to this thing.  I always just stay with the colors that I’m most comfortable with.  This is exactly the reason why I have always wanted to enroll in a beauty school similar to Regency Beauty Institute.  Located in Minneapolis, MN,  It is the fastest growing beauty school in the industry and throughout the United States.  Their graduates are well recognized and highly demanded in US salons, cruise ships and runways.  I believe that with the proper learning and basic guidance, I know, I’ll get more confident and skilled in applying makeup.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Mr. Receiver

Image0851 Image0847
Whenever I'm expecting a package (mostly items that I shopped online), it has always been the little one's practice to "brake in" himself the delivered items.  He always insist that he’d be the first one to touch and wear it.  Just like in the first picture, he was the first one who got to wear my Bicycle Vintage Necklace.  He didn’t let go of the thing until I was able to distract him.  Same goes with the second picture, it took me a while before I was able to convince him to give me back my new bag which he fondly drove around with his plasma/twist car. So kulit!

The Future Basketball MVP

Image0856 Image0855 Image0854
The husband is a basketball buff so he’s delighted that his son has developed an early interest with this sport.  He has so many balls of different colors and sizes and he certainly knows that they’re for shooting to the baskets just like how he did when we went to Timezone.  Oh boy, he surely has the early knack for shooting balls as he made about 8 points (about 4 shots) all by himself in this mini-basketball arcade.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jungle Gold Coin Collector Game

Even though it's been more than 2 years already since Asher's jungle safari party was held, I still get inquiries and requests for party ideas in my Supplier Ratings post on this blog. One of the questions I received was about game ideas where the theme can be infused on. The games in Asher's party were taken care of by the hired host so I really didn't research much about this prior the event. Here's one cool game though that I can suggest. I think I've seen in this in one of the parties we've attended in the past. It's basically simple and it adapts the idea of a "finders keepers" game.

Prior the game, assortment of candies, plastic toy animals, faux gold coins or those foil wrapped sweets are scattered in the play area. The gold coins, of course need not be genuine similar to those that can be found in the huge collection of the US Gold Bureau. But if there's a budget for such a precious collection, why not. The parents of the kids in the party would be more than delighted to have those. A time limit will be set and the kids will scour the whole area and collect as much coins as they can get. The winner, of course, is the one who collects the most. This is surely a fun and exciting game for the kids as they portray a Jungle Gold Hunter role.

His Paradise

Asher's eyes never cease to light up every time we pass by UP-Ayala Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue. Seeing the fountain is one of his simple joys while playing in the puddles of water is heavenly for him. He loves this place immensely and he feels blissful just watching over the whole place. Perhaps, if there are just outdoor cushions placed all over the place, he'd excitedly lie down, relax and feel as if its his kingdom. Glad to have this just near our place.
DSC_6306 DSC_6305 DSC_6298DSC_6297

30 Months

There's so much development and milestones that Asher achieved in the past month but here are some of the points that are most note worthy:

* Can speak clearly most of the time. He still finds difficulty though in pronouncing the words with letters "R", "G" and "H".

"tok-tok-dile" = crocodile
"gamot" = damot (medicine)
"ba-ay" or "aws" = bahay (house)
"Balney" = Barney
"Dola" = Dora
* Can concentrate intensely on one activity especially when playing and tinkering the iPod.
* Can discern the difference of "small" and "big".
* Can wear and take off his shoes on his own.
* Recognizes a few letters of the alphabet and numbers: "A, B and L" and numbers "1, 7 and 8". He sometime interchanges 7 and letter L; B and number 8.
* Can understand the "why" behind certain rules like no running because he'll get an ouchie if he stumbles down.
* Tries to put on his sando and nfl t shirts on his own but he isn't successful most of the time.
* He's almost 100% potty trained: can control his daytime and nighttime bowel and daytime bladder control. He still refuses to sit down though on the toilet bowl when doing number 2.
* Says sorry to Mommy when scolded after misbehaving.
* Has become more sweet and affectionate. He says "mommy (or daddy), i labu" out of the blue.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stop The Time Please

My 2 year old son, Asher, is too young still to wear watches.  But I’m impressed because as young as he is, he already knows what watches are for and where it is worn.  He also knows that the term watch is for telling time so if you ask him what time is it, he looks at his wrist as if he has an imaginary watch and reply “o’clock, o’clock” in glee.  He’s indeed growing up so fast.  Before I know it, I’m buying him his first watch and just a few years more, I’m certain that he’ll be drooling over the more luxurious and pricey signature watches like the IWC Watches from Lussori.  Lussori is a CA-based retailer of luxury timepiece and jewelry brands like Hermes, Omega, Zenith, Dior, Mont Blanc and Chopard.  I know I’m currently yakking about time and watches but can I just ask if we can stop the time as my baby is growing up too fast?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Quicker8.com’s Blog Giveaway Contest

My fellow Twitter Bebot friend, Faye, of Quicker8.com is holding a cool giveaway contest on her blog where she’s giving away the following as raffle prizes:

1st prize – Fossil Ladies Chronograph (big face) watch

2nd prize – Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

3rd prize – Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)



This is open to international readers.  Contest runs until September 8, 2010. 

Check out her blog for the contest mechanics and other details of this contest.


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