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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cautious and On Guard

It's certainly getting colder at night as we approach the cool months of November and December. At this time of the year for the last two years, I'm getting frantic because cold season means colds, cough and other viral ailments are very rampant. I'm not being negative but I'm just cautious because these were the months when the little one got terribly sick for the last two years. I guess, I just need to tank him with his vitamin C these days and always be on guard.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Quicker8.com's Blog Giveaway Contest

As a way to thank her friends and blog readers, my fellow Twitter Bebot friend, Faye, is holding another blog contest at www.quicker8.com. This time, she's giving away (2) two Fossil Ladies watch and (1) one Kate Spade Vanity Kit to lucky participants drawn via random.org.

1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize - Kate Spade Vanity kit (orange)

Contest runs from October 12 to December 18, 2010 and blog readers from around the world can join. Check out the complete mechanics in her blog.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mom’s Worry

I perfectly understand a fellow mom’s worry when her child gets in trouble, hurt or injured. Because as moms, we’d rather be the one to suffer and feel all the pain for our children. However, there are times when we simply can’t control the situation and they meet accidents along the way like bad falls that sometimes even require surgeries such as hip replacement surgery in cases of damaged hip joints. Be wary though and inquire thoroughly your doctor because there was a Depuy hip recall that was made just this August for hip replacement systems by DePuy Orthopedics, owned by Johnson & Johnson. Numerous complaints of pain and swelling were received and they may be attributed to these hip implants. Good thing that there’s O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath, a firm that can file for a product liability claim against the manufacturing company. They are also expert in handling other legal cases such as an Accutane lawsuit.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

On Baby Number 2 Planning

Another friend just announced her pregnancy today and with that, she joins a multitude of my friends who are all giving birth next year. Some of my batchmates during my first pregnancy are now expecting their baby number 2 as well which leads us seriously thinking that it might be indeed the right time to give Asher, who’s turning 3 on March, a sibling. My body has long gone to my pre-pregnancy body in fact, even thinner (no, it’s not due to phenphedrine but because of breastfeeding) so I believe my body’s quite ready to bear a child again. Financially, we’re earning decently although not millions, we believe in God’s providence. When we got married, we said that we’d be targeting to have 2 or 3 kids. I’m turning 30 next year so I think 5 years is a good lead time to bear 2 more kids with ample age spacing before I hit the child bearing critical age of 35.

Time and Extra Hands Are What I Need

How I wish I will have the spare time soon so I can upload all the recent photos and videos of the little one. The grannies abroad are already complaining because there’s nothing new to watch on Facebook where I usually upload. Asher’s nanny's on a week vacation plus with the tons of online works that I have, it’s really impossible that I’d be able to upload them one of these days. So for those who aren’t busy now or looking for a part time job for one week, you may find jobs in our household as I’ve got plenty of vacancies for you. I currently need a cook, clothes washer, one who can iron our clothes, a house cleaner and an assistant to keep an eye on the little one. Whew! Just imagine how I’ve been being a superwoman for the past 4 days with all those roles.

Anyway, back to the photos and videos, just keep an eye on them as I’d be uploading them upon yayie’s return or if I get chance one of these days.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

For His Future

Last week, I got a chance to have the passbook of Asher’s Trust Fund updated. I was surprised to see the total amount that we now have saved up for him. Grateful that there is such a thing as online banking, I was able to put some amount on his account every time I withdraw my earnings online. I really didn’t notice that my small deposits have already accumulated to that much. We’ll continue to make deposits and save up for his future so that when the right time comes, he’ll have something to secure his living. Whether he’ll invest it on a gold bullion from the United States Gold Bureau or on a business, it’s up to him.

My Little Driver

Look who's practicing his driving skills at such a very young age. As you can see, he can't even step on the pedals yet but do notice how he's so concentrated and holding the steering wheel so tight. This was shot at his favorite arcade zone and this particular game is what he always head to first upon entering the place. I really am pleased how he's so behaved every time we bring him here that I can postpone reading my wrinkle treatment reviews because he's not giving me headaches for misbehaving thereby wrinkles are prevented. Aside from this racing game, he also loves playing the Pang Pang Paradise wherein we help him throw balls at the animated spiders and mosquitoes on the screen.

A Special Message

Dearest Asher,

Tomorrow, Daddy will bring you to your fave hangout place where you can play slide and swing. I'm sorry if Mommy won't be able to come with you because aside from the tons of work that Mommy has to do here at home, I also would like you and Dad to bond..just the two of you sans Mommy. You see, Dad is working so hard during weekdays that he often comes home late so the weekend is the perfect opportunity for him to make up with you. I want you to enjoy your time together. Do not think nor look for Mommy for the mean time and just savor each playing and bonding moment with Dad. I want you to be close to him as you are to me. When you grow older I want the two of you to develop a special relationship not just like a father-son but also like the best of friends who you can easily and openly talk with about anything in the world including male enhancements. Anak, there would be things that only you and Dad can talk about..that Mommy will never ever can relate to because those are boys stuff. But other than that, of course, I'll always just be here, ready to listen, support, care and love you the best that I could.

Again, I love you so much, my Cher-cher!


Counting Gold Coins

I'm really delighted how my little Asher has been impressively developing. Would you believe that he can already count objects? I mean, he can literally count and not just recite numbers. So let's say we'll give him a gold coin and add two or a few more, he can segregate each one while counting 1 up to 5. Very impressive, indeed. Now if only we really have gold coins for him to practice counting so he'll be exposed early and who knows he'd be a gold investor in the future. By then, he'd not only count gold coins and bullions from the United States Gold Bureau, the top American gold dealer, but rather he could be counting his riches and properties as well.

Mommy Moments - Kissing Scene

mommy moments

I can't recall the last time I posted a Mommy Moments entry. Certainly, I miss joining this weekly prompt so hopefully, my entry for this week will lure me to be back and post regularly again.


Anyway, for this week's theme of Kissing Scene, I chose these two pictures of Asher to share. The first picture wherein the husband kisses Asher while doing a silly face is just a pleasant sight to behold. It perfectly captured their personalities. Asher's our little darling, our inspiration, our own dose of hgh supplement that boosts our health, reverses sign of our aging (although it can also be otherwise if he's in his "stubborn" mode) and he definitely adds longevity to our lives.


The second picture shows Asher kissing his Qatar-based maternal first cousin whom he's so fond of even though this was just their first time to meet last April. He was definitely happy that they have finally met.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fat Kids May Be Cute But Not Healthy

I really just find it weird that some parents take great fondness in fattening up their babies or toddlers.  I mean, yes, fat kids are cute, cuddly and adorable but hey, chubbiness does not necessarily mean it’s healthy.  Nowadays, there are so many obese children that you’d wonder if their parents have locked them up in their kitchens or they’ve given excess dosage of multivitamins more that what their bodies actually need.  Statistics have been quiet alarming and the main concern here is that those obese kids will more likely remain so in their adult life thereby attracting serious medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and many more.  While it’s not right to give these kids hoodia diet pills to get slimmer, I think what parents can only do is watch very closely their kids’ diet, get them involved in sports, and practice a healthy lifestyle by example.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

US Gold Bureau

The United States Gold Bureau offers an opportunity for you to invest in gold coins. Gold compared to other investment is valuable. It can be transformed but still it remains to be gold. Gold being indestructible is one of the main reasons why it is used in exchanging goods and why it became money. However, the supply of gold is limited which is also one of the reasons why it is considered valuable. Gold coins are not only valuable because they are made of gold. They are also valuable because of their history, supply, and condition. The older and the more rare a coin gets, the higher its value becomes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you are a shopaholic mom, then you know that the Black Friday sale in the US will be on November 26 and the Cyber Monday is November 29.  Thanks to the power of technology specifically the internet, even non-US based shoppers can now engage in such shopping frenzies in top favorite US stores and brands online.  Just like last year, with the help of a friend, I was able to buy a HP laptop, lots of bath towels and linens,  tons of anti-bacterial hand wash soap , non-stick pans and pots, toys, and apparels for the little one all at incredibly low Black Friday prices from Walmart.  As it’s just barely a month away, I wonder what home stuff and toddler items I can shop this coming Black Friday sale.  Have to save up for that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

His Christmas Gift Wish

The weekend mall sales and horrendous traffic yesterday only meant one thing.  Christmas is definitely almost here!  Many people have started taking advantage of the mall sales for their Christmas gift shopping task for sure.  As for us, Paul and I have also started shopping Holiday presents for our godchildren then I have also bought a few pieces of apparels for the little one during one of the Old Navy online sales.  We’re still thinking though of the perfect gift that he can appreciate at his age.  Definitely, gadgets like a PS3, a wii or a xbox 360 are still out in the options since he’s too young for that.  We asked him last night and as always, he answers “dam!!!” in delight.  That’s how he pronounce “drum”.  After begging for a guitar, he wants a drum this time.  Looks like we’re having a musically inclined son, huh?  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Toddler Mess

If you run a household comprising of a toddler, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that it’s pretty hard to maintain orderliness and cleanliness at all times inside the house.  I say this because there’s not a single minute that your toddler will just stop creating a mess with his or her toys.  In my case, I’m having a hard time designing and decorating our living room because I have to consider the rowdiness of my son.  I can’t put breakables and glass decors like vases and figurines because it’ll surely be a disaster when he knocks them down accidentally or intentionally.  Sometimes, I also just let the mess sit around throughout the day and just pack them up at night time when the little one finally falls asleep.  Good thing we have a laminate flooring so cleaning up dirt, marks, spills caused by the little one is practically an easy task.

Potty Training For Toddler Boys

Somehow, I’m relieved to see in parenting forums and hear stories from fellow moms that I’m not the only one who’s toddler son refuse to sit on the bowl to poop.  I have mentioned before that he’s almost fully potty trained now and the reason is that we’ve introduced the training to him early on aside (as young as 1 year old).  He can perfectly control now his bladder during daytime that’s why he just wears briefs.  He does not make accidents anymore, in fact, he goes to the bathroom by himself now when he needs to pee.  He can also tell us if there’s an urge to poop but the problem is that he does it on the bowl standing.  He refuses to sit down.  As I’ve said it’s a consolation to know that parenting forums highlight moms of toddler boys usually have a problem on this basically because boys  do it differently when peeing and pooping.  They might still be experiencing confusion or they refuse to sit down because they’re used to standing when peeing.  Anyway, the best thing for me to do is to have more patience and continuously train or discuss with him the proper way of doing so.

By the way, here are some tips I got from the web on things to watch out for to know a toddler’s readiness for potty training:

15 Signs of readiness for potty training
Your child is ready for potty training when he or she:
1. Has bowel movements at about the same time every day
2. Can stay dry for a few hours or wakes up dry from sleep
3. Knows that he/she has to go to the bathroom
4. Understands the association between dry pants and using the potty
5. Can pull her pants up and down
6. Lets you know when he/she has soiled his/her diaper (likes to stay dry)
7. Can follow simple directions like, "lets go to the potty"
8. Understands potty training terms (wet, dry, pee, poop, dirty and potty)
9. Can tell you he/she has to go to the bathroom
10. Imitates other family members
11. Shows interest and asks question while watching you
12. Wants to do things "by myself"
13. Enjoys washing his/her hands (like to be clean) through the bathroom faucet
14. Gets upset if his/her belongings are not in their proper place
15. Wants to please you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baja Real Estate Ownership for Foreign Nationals

There are certain Mexican legalities and laws that a foreigner must comply when buying a baja real estate property. Unlike before, it is now possible let's say for an American to buy a tourist (housing developments, condominiums and time share projects), rustic, industrial or urban property however,it is subject to permission and registration with Mexico's Department of Foreign Affairs. If you are lured to own one of those lovely Mexican beachfront properties, do check out the services of the Baja Real Estate Group and MLS-Baja.com for the complete listings of affordable Baja homes. They have also the necessary expertise in carrying out transactions such as buying, selling, renting or servicing real property in Baja.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Comment on Women’s Sunglasses Post

Polarized sunglasses indeed have become popular and an instant favorite amongst many wearers as this type of men's and women's sunglasses combine functionality and fashion. I own a pair but it's not polarized so it's about time to upgrade and make sure that my eyes get the maximum protection from the harmful UV rays. 

Gold To Secure One's Future

I remember blogging before that the husband and I didn't and perhaps won't get an educational plan for the little one. We're doubtful about the stability of the pre-need plan companies with all the recent fiasco that some of them got involved with these recent years. Even the once considered premier and top pre-need company (CAP) shut down several years ago leaving many scholars and plan holders devastated. Not unless we'll be offered with an enticing plan, not necessarily an educational but one that can 100% secure our son's education, then we'll give it a go. At one point, I'm also thinking to invest in precious metals as I've heard that the gold is the most secured investment of all time. It never depreciates in value regardless what the world economic condition is. I can perhaps buying a few gold coins as a start up since I still do not know much about how this investment really works. Glad I found US Gold Bureau as I've learned quite a lot of information here so far.

Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Months

My Dearest Asherito,

You’re turning 31 months tomorrow and once again, I’m deeply amazed how fast time has flown by. Just five months to go and you’ll be 3! While I’m happy that you’re growing and developing to a smart, healthy, loving, bubbly young boy that we wish you to be, I’m sad that month after month, day after day, you’re no longer our once delicate, little baby. As you say, “Asher di na baby mommy, big boy na.” :(

At this stage, here’s what we’ve seen in you:
1. Very talkative. You talk non-stop now. You may still be “bulol” and not that articulate yet but you can get your thoughts expressed well.

2. You’ve definitely become assertive. We find your way of saying “di ba?” at the end of your statements really cute…and yes, most of the time, we can’t just say no. *tiklop*

Example: “Mommy, mamya na ako sleep, di ba?!?! Watch muna Cher-cher Mr. Bean, di ba?!?!”

3. I’ve said this over and over but you’re appetite is really amazing, anak. You eat several snacks in between meals and yet you still can manage to devour 2 servings of your favorite “arroz caldo” for your main meals. Arroz caldo for you means rice ‘flooded’ with viand broth especially paksiw and sinigang. You call Choco Flavored Quaker Oats as “Choco Arroz Caldo”. You eat your dinner at 7 pm but come 10 pm when it’s mommy’s and daddy’s dinner time, you also eat again with us. I’m also happy that you eat veggies like squash, sayote and upo with much gusto. Pinapapak mo pa. I hope you won’t outgrow that and will love veggies even more as you grow older.

4. When I asked permission from you if I can just call you “Asher mahal”, you resisted and answered back “Asher anak, Mommy. ‘Asher anak’ lang.”

5. You’ve mastered tinkering the iPod really well. You can watch and you can find your way to youtube videos of Mr. Bean, Dora, Barney by browsing the Favorites gallery and by browsing the Search page after I type the keyword. I won’t be surprised anymore if I’ll see you browsing thermogenesis.org in there.

6. You can recite your numbers 1-10 in English and Isa to Sampu in Tagalog. You’re also learning to recite Uno to Cinco these days. You love your numbers, huh? I hope you’ll grow a Math person just like your Dad.

7. You can pedal a 3-wheeled bike now. Woohoo!

8. You still can’t give up Mommy’s breasts. No weaning readiness signs still.

Hay, Asher..thank you for being our inspiration and the ultimate source of our immense happiness. Love u so much, Asher anak!"



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