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Monday, August 29, 2011

I’m A Big Brother Book

Judging how Asher has been so sweet and enamored of his little sister inside my tummy these days, I can see that he’s as equally as excited as me and Paul. No single day passes without him kissing and embracing my tummy with much delight. Seeing this relieves me because he used to hit it, although unintentional on his part, it’s usually painful and I get worried if the princess could have felt it, too. But now, he has become a more caring “kuya” and would even say out of the blue in his tiny, sweet, melodic voice “I love you, baby!”. I can’t wait to witness when they finally meet up close in two months time. I hope his excitement won’t halt but instead, it grows even greater and deeper as the big D Day approaches. I also really hope we’re preparing him for the big adjustment just right.

A friend of mine recommended this book (I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole) for me and Asher to read together as we prepare him to be a big brother.


I was lucky to have found this at Booksale (Shopwise Commonwealth) for just Php 89. This book explains to little kids who are about to become a big sibling tells what babies like, why they cry, what they're too little to do yet and which the big brother can do now. One important part in this book which I also did to Asher is this one:


I brought out Asher’s baby pictures and showed him how little he was when he was a baby. I explained to him that he was a baby once and that his little sister will also experience the things we’ve done to him before. Reminiscing his baby pictures was nostalgic. I was once again reminded how Asher was so precious to us as a baby. I also saw again the pictures our breastfeeding years. Geez, I’m amazed how fast I lost weight and seemingly perused thousands of diet pill reviews but no, I’ve got breastfeeding to solely thank for.

What I like most about this book is it emphasized how much parents love their older children even though there’s a new baby in the family.


If you’re currently pregnant with your second (or third) child, I highly recommend this book to read to your firstborns (or older children). It’s really a good read for little kids as they are prepared and embark on a journey as an older sibling.



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