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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heredity and Diabetes

Studies have shown that Diabetes is hereditary.  That’s why during medical checkups or confinements, Diabetes is among those sickness that are included in the questionnaire when family’s health history is being checked.  I’m thankful for the genes of our elder generations and that of my husband, our kids are spared of this dreaded disease.  I know of people who are diagnosed of Diabetes and they’re living a not so easy life.  They need to eat and live a healthily otherwise, complications such as blindness and heart failure may arise.  There are also medicines that can help them control this disease however, studies have shown that certain drugs for diabetes also pose a great threat.  It is said that this drug causes a great risk of developing actos bladder cancer.  Scary, right?  Having Diabetes is already a nightmare, how much more if it’ll lead to the much dreaded Big C?



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