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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Asher’s Christmas Party and Special Gift


You might be wondering what Asher was doing in those pictures.  Well, that’s him actively participating in the Nursery class’ Jingle Bells performance in their Christmas Party last Thursday.  He gamely sang and danced with his classmates even though he wasn’t feeling well that day.  As always, I’m so proud of our little boy.


Together with his Teacher, he handed us this Christmas card after the party.  Asher did this artwork in class with the assistance of his teachers.  Isn’t it cute and touching?  This is the first Christmas card I’ve received this season and I’ll truly treasure it.  In fact, we placed this card on the Christmas tree as this serves the little one’s special gift for all of us.  There’s no other gift under our Christmas tree that’s more special than this.  I hope this will become a tradition now that he’s learning to write.  When he grows older and have means to buy material things, he won’t actually need to scour for famous footwear coupons to buy us branded shoes to gift us.  Simple handmade gifts such as this will be more special and meaningful.



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