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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Plans

It's March already next week and that means, Asher and I are getting a year older again. Our birthdays are just 10 days apart. Aside from the out of town (beach) getaway that the husband is throwing for the both of us as his gift, we still do not have definite plans for our so-called small party at home. We'll just celebrate it together over a simple take out merienda from Ambers perhaps and invite our families and close friends. No kiddie party as Asher's one and only wish is that he gets to have a Thomas The Train cake this time. (He wished for a Spongebob cake last year). And a bicycle.

I still have another plan for our birthday as our thanksgiving offering but unfortunately, the person I contacted hasn't replied yet. I'm still hopeful though. Hope I can get a favorable reply one of these days.

Asher at 36 Months

Oh how I miss doing this one. Going through my archives, the last monthly update I did was for Asher's 32nd month. I was about to write down Asher's 33rd month milestones last December but we were at the hospital on the night of his 33rd monthly birthday due to my having pleural effusion. December 2010 was a tough month for us while January was a busy month as well. It's just actually this month that everything went back to normal so it's so sad that my tradition of blogging about Asher's monthly updates had to be temporarily discontinued. Anyway, on to the big news. Asher's turning 3 next week! Woohoo!

So this update is very timely as we take a look how big is he now and as we look back how Asher's first three years of life has been.
1. Can feed self with spoon and fork. He also can get his own drink from the water dispenser.
2. Albeit "bulol", he is a lot chattier now and can get his thoughts across. He sometimes refer to self as "ako" and "akin" when talking and no longer "Asher". Ex. "Di pa tapos ako" unlike before when he says "Di pa tapos Cher-cher".
3. He has an appetite bigger than his body. He eats a lot and his mouth rarely rest from munching. He's still a child so no need to worry about ab cuts or effect of overeating. Hopefully, his weight gain improves a lot better now. He weighs below the average compared to boys of his age but it's still within the normal range.
3. No asthma attacks and very rarely had cough and colds in the last 12 months. He's diagnosed with Primary Complex though, thus, he's under a 6-month medication since January.
4. Can stack Lego Duplo Blocks and imaginatively create things out of it like a camera, gun, etc.
5. Brushes his teeth by himself. I had to take charge though after so it gets thoroughly cleaned.
6. Goes up and down the stairs by himself.
7. Can help himself do number 1 in the CR. He still can't do number 2 seated though.
8. Can distinguish colors blue, yellow, red and green.
9. Can recite numbers and alphabets and can distinguish select letters and numbers.
10. Has become inquisitive and habitually asks "ano yan?".
11. Can draw straight lines and color objects (not completely filled though)
12. Can dress and undress himself including socks and shoes although "baliktad" most of the time.
13. Can clear up toys when instructed.
14. Throws tantrums and has become more defiant. Often says "no!" or "ayaw" when told to do something.
15. Now rarely naps in the afternoon.
16. First visited the dentist at 34 months.
17. Loves having a haircut at the barber shop with his Daddy.
18. Loves watching Thomas the Train, Spongebob, Dora, Spongebob, Ben 10 on TV.
19. Likes goofing around with his Daddy as evidenced by the picture above.

Shrimp Allergy

We recently learned that Asher could be allergic to shrimps and perhaps, even to other sea foods as well. We came to know about this when he began scratching his thighs and tummy as hives started to appear all over his body upon reaching home from our Pre-Valentine's dinner at Yakimix. He gulped a cup of Sinigang na Hipon Soup. He likes Sinigang but the shrimp soup was a first time for him. He didn't get better the next day and since his Pediatrician doesn't hold clinic on a Sunday, we decided to bring him to the Emergency Room so he can be given/prescribed an antihistamine. He felt so itchy that he scratched his body nonstop! The resident doctor confirmed that it's Urticaria and there's a huge possibility that the shrimp soup could have caused the allergy. They gave him an antihistamine (via injection) which the doctor said a stronger one. He's to be observed for an hour and if within that period no changes are seen, we couldn't be sent home yet. Asher started getting impatient and kept on shouting "Uwi na tayo!!!" (Let's go home!). I brought out the camera to distract and keep him entertained. To further kill time, we went to the canteen and ate pizza, siopao and siomai. An hour later, he was finally seen again by the doctor and we were sent home as the rashes started to lighten up a bit. He's prescribed an oral antihistamine plus a corticosteroid. We were also told to bring him back to his Pediatrician or better yet, see a Pediatric Allergologist should the hives do not disappear overnight for a more thorough evaluation.

Preschool Hunting

With all honesty, I didn’t see myself blogging about this topic this soon. It’s not that I dread the task of school hunting, or I see it as a confusing task as researching for the best diet pills for women or of us dealing with tuition fees but I just can’t see just yet my little baby dressed up as a preschool boy and being out of the house for 3 hours everyday. Oh well, that’s just the sentimental mom in me who’s afraid of dealing with separation anxiety soon.

But on a second thought, I’m so excited for him to meet a whole new world..new friends, new environment, new learning. I’m nervous of how he’ll fare, yes, but I believe in him and trust in his capabilities. I just know he’ll cope, turn out well and he’ll definitely enjoy his preschool years.

Our preschool hunting officially started last week. After searching the internet and asking around, we came up with a long list of prospective nearby schools. 23 all in all. It made me realize how huge our area is. I trimmed down the list by selecting those that have the closest proximity, thus, I came up with just 4 to visit. I brought Asher along so he’d see himself and sort of be involved also in the decision making. Since these schools are just practically a few meters away, we were able to see and inquire from them all in just less than 3 hours. So here are my notes:

Preschool No. 1 - Utilizes Progressive method. Located in a secured, peaceful and quiet subdivision. Child-friendly and stimulating classrooms. 3 teachers were attending to a class of 10 Nursery students that time. The teacher that I talked to that time was young, very articulate, welcoming and approachable. Has a 8:30 - 11:00 am schedule for the Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 class (3.0 to 3.5 yo and 3.6-4.0 yo kids respectively). Has a student-teacher ratio of 2:10. Accepts maximum of 10 students per class. Has the 2nd to the highest tuition fee among the 4 schools but has the widest inclusions. With School Service.

Preschool No. 2 - Catholic school with preschool and elementary. We didn't pursue inquiring because age requirement for Nursery is 3.8 years old minimum. Has the priciest tuition fee as well.

Preschool No. 3 - Utilizes Montesssori and Traditional approach in some subjects. Located in a secured, quiet subdivision as well but there's an issue on accessibility via public transport. There's a school service though. Air-conditioned classrooms. 2 teachers were attending to a class of about 15 Kinder II students. Schedule of Nursery class is 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Less inexpensive tuition fees.

Preschool No. 4 - Utilizes Montessori method. Age requirement for Nursery is at least 3.5yo.

With the conclusion of our ocular, it's a choice between Numbers 1 and 3. The husband would just like to see the school himself but more likely we'd go for Preschool Number 1. It is also where Asher felt "at home" the most. Perhaps it has the most attractive playground and an inviting play area with lots of engaging toys.

Asher’s First Dental Visit

Since Asher turned 1, we’ve been meaning to bring him to a dentist for his first ever visit. According to parenting books, babies should actually first see a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts. But busy schedules have always put this off so Asher’s first dental checkup was a long overdue one.

Finally, we were able to drop by Tooth Kingdom at SM The Block last January and had his first ever consultation with the amiable Dra. Claudette Raymundo. As she understands how impatient kids are, she makes sure that she does the checking real quick but thorough. She counted Asher’s erupted milk teeth as well as took note of those that are of starting to be a concern..meaning, those that are on the verge of becoming carious. Asher’s teeth count is good and complete but she raised a red flag on his four upper front teeth for presence of little carries. She advised us to make sure that Asher brushes his teeth thoroughly before bedtime, use a kiddie toothpaste with fluoride, and apply a tooth mousse after brushing time. The consultation just lasted 15 minutes and since Asher was in good mood, we decided to have his teeth cleaned as well.

I was so proud of the little boy because he willingly opened his mouth and patiently followed the doctor’s instructions. He even climbed up the dental chair by himself. He didn’t cry nor got frightened by the machine’s sounds or whatever was being done to his mouth. It helped that his favorite Thomas the Train video was being played on the TV. Dra. Claudette quickly cleaned and applied fluoride on each and every tooth. As his reward for being cooperative, he was given a toy balloon after the procedure. I commend how good and kid-friendly Dra. Claudette was. She surely knows how to handle kid patients well.

P1000022 P1000020
P1000019 P1000023

Inversed Brief

So this is the result of the little one insisting to dress up himself. An “inversed” brief. He has always been like this these days. He refused to be assisted as he perseveringly put on his brief, shorts and sando/top after bath time and wash up time at night. Similarly, he also undress himself and he would ward off his Yayie when he’s about to be assisted. A typical toddler characteristic indeed..yearning and learning to be independent. I wonder how will he react if he sees this picture in 20 years time. Perhaps by that time, he’s reading fore factor reviews already for muscle building tips. He’d for sure be surprised how small he was and certainly, he’d laugh about himself wearing an inversed brief.

The Little Photographer

Looks like someone will be sharing the same passion with his Daddy. And looks like I'll never get to enjoy "alone" the new point and shoot cam as I'll have a "kaagaw" the moment I take it off from its case.

Without further ado, here are the sample shots of the little one.


In fairness, his Spongebob shot is perfect!

Terrible Threes

My Asher’s turning three next week.  At first I thought that we’re through with the terrible two stage, I was wrong.  Little did I know it was just the beginning.  I was so wrong because there is such a thing as a terrible three’s.  He has become even more defiant, more tantrum-prone and impatient.  I think I can already vouch that parenting a toddler makes a good hair loss product!  He literally can drive me at my wit’s end.  It’s just so frustrating to see him making bad decisions when he knows better.  Seeing him scream, kick and cry like there’s no tomorrow and inconsolable..stresses me out big time.  But looking at the bigger picture, I know this is just a phase.  A challenging stage that we both must work on and phase the we’ll both learn from.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rock Clothing Halloween Costume

I just received the Halloween Photobook I ordered online and on it are the pictures of my little one in his cute Spongebob costume last year. The costume was his initial pick but come Trick or Treat time, he refused to wear it as he was having tantrums that moment and perhaps he was irritated of the claustrophobic effect of the costume. Anyway, this made me think to better be careful the next time I order Halloween costumes for him. Or if ever he insist on choosing, I’ll make sure that it’s something light and comfortable.

Probably, I can lure him to the idea of a rockstar costume this year wherein he’d just needed to be in plain rock clothing like metal shirts, black jeans, then I’d just add some more rockstar accessories like a long hair, tattoos and an electric guitar. Not only there’s a myriad of simple choices for a rock clothing but also, they’re a lot more practical. Many stylish metal t shirts can be ordered online and can also be found in every racks in the department store. After the Halloween event, he can still use it as his casual and going out clothing. Consider looking at obscenitease.com too, should you need a rockstar themed t shirt or costume for the Halloween. Of course, they would always be great for casual getups, too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On Education and Car Buying

It really hasn't sunk in me yet that my little Asher will soon be a preschooler. He's already turning 3 years old next month and looking at him now I'm still in denial that he's no longer a baby and that he'll be a school boy soon. I still can't grasp the idea that he'll be out of the house for a couple of hours everyday starting summer. But that's just the sentimental Mom in me. Of course, I have to face the fact that he needs to "spread out his wings", fly, learn and explore the world. We have no choice but to prepare ourselves and our wallets as this also marks the start of the 17 years of us financing our kid's education. It'd be a huge expense but we'd rather treat it as an investment that our child will greatly benefit from in the future.

Speaking of expenses, I guess we have to go over again our budget sheet for the year. Our 12 year old car keeps on conking out these past few days that it's seemingly signaling its retirement. This has prompted us to save up for a new car and hopefully and God-willing, we could buy a replacement before the year ends. We only have a limited budget so we'd perhaps just compro auto usate or buy used cars in English. I'm currently browsing the website of Garage del Parco, a website that features used cars for sale vendita auto usate. It's actually an Italian site, thus, I'm sort of influenced and blogging those Italian terms now. Their vast collections of auto usate milano (used cars milan) are very enticing and impressive. The husband will definitely be delighted to see these lovely cars. Too bad, ordering and negotiating cars overseas isn't as easy as that even though there's the internet...not unless, we have millions to spend. Nevertheless, browsing the site is a worthwhile experience for prospective car buyers such as us.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Thank God, Asher has been cleared by his Pediatrician yesterday and confirmed that he is now bronchitis-free.  However, just hours after clearance, he got me worried shortly upon reaching home last night when we noticed that he got hives first on his legs then on his tummy.  I first thought that they were just insect bites as he kept on scratching them and complained how itchy there were.  It rapidly spread to his back but also noticed that they lightened fast, too.  The husband checked on him while he’s asleep last night and he saw none so we’re relieved.  Now we’re thinking what could have these since aside from the egg with tartar sauce in the salad that he feasted on last night at Yakimix, there’s nothing new that he ate for the first time.  I’m observing him closely now because they began appearing again.  If this persists until early evening, I’ll be bringing him to the ER for emergency assistance since his doctor doesn’t hold a clinic on Sundays.  It’s his first to get hives so I don’t know what medication should I give for a quick relief.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thinking About The Worst Helps Sometimes

Getting hospitalized twice in a month was surely a frightening experience.  While I tried to keep my faith intact and stay optimistic, a part of me couldn’t help but have morbid thoughts.  I thought of listing down my important passwords and pins, recalled the unpaid bills, planned to make schedules of payment deadlines of all payables that we have, then I tried to foresee the future of my husband and the little one  Then, insurance!  I recalled that I still have a few corrections to make on my insurance details so I thought, it couldn’t be.  I couldn’t die yet.  We haven’t invested enough so it would be an unpleasant future for my loved ones.  So I was determined to get well and I thought the moment I’d get discharged, the first thing we’d do is to Buy Gold Krugerrands to add to our financial portfolio and buy a few more properties that would make investment.  So you see, having morbid thoughts help once in a while.  They make a great reinforcement and help you take actions to prepare for that much dreaded thing.

Seven Signs That Your Child Loves You

Receiving this article from BabyCenter in my email is very timely. As I've just posted, I've been greatly challenged lately by Asher's tantrums and it's driving me nuts. Little did I know, wicked tantrums are actually a toddler's sign of love. Next time, I'll never look at his grumpy moments as a purely negative act. :)

1 Your newborn stares into your eyes as if mesmerized or hypnotized by stunning light fixtures.

He's actually working hard to memorize your face. He doesn't understand anything else about the world, but he knows you're important.

2 Your baby thinks about you even when you're not around.

Between 8 and 12 months old, he'll start to scrunch his face and look around when you leave the room — and he'll smile when you return.

3 Your toddler throws wicked tantrums.

Nope, those screaming fits don't mean he's stopped loving you. He wouldn't be so hurt and angry if he didn't trust you so deeply.

4 Your toddler runs to you for comfort when he falls down or feels sad.

Kids this age may not truly understand the meaning of "I love you," but their actions speak louder than words.

5 Your preschooler gives you a flower picked from the garden, a finger-painted heart, a sparkly rock, or another gift.

6 Your preschooler wants your approval.

He'll start to be more cooperative around the house, and he'll look for chances to impress. "Look at me!" will become a catchphrase.

7 Your grade-schooler trusts you with secrets, like his first crush or his most embarrassing moment.

You're his confidante, even if he shies away from your hugs in public.

"Don't Get Mad, Mommy!"

I just had a rough morning as Asher was in his most defiant self. I was researching about antique hardware reproductions but couldn't concentrate doing so because I kept on checking on the little one who would always find himself busy with things I sternly prohibit him from doing. For the last hour, at least, all that was heard in this household were my screams of his name as I try to take away the things he'd just mess. Whew! But what's funny is that the moment I call his attention, he'd say "Wag galit ikaw, Mommy!" (Don't get mad, Mommy!) in his sweetest voice and charming face. Until then, I'd mellow down and just smile. Whew! Parenting a toddler is indeed very challenging.

Monday, February 7, 2011

“Cheating Nature”

It is every man’s nature to aim to always look good and feel good. This pursuit often involves hiding and with the great wonders of technology now, even totally remove the imperfections in their body. The most common imperfection that people worry about are excess body fats. In desire to have even at least a near model like body shape, toning one’s body and reducing body fat are the prime solutions being considered. The most popular and easiest procedure people resort to is Liposuction.

I don’t have issues about people sort of “cheating nature” so to speak. I mean, if this is the thing that will boost their self-esteem and a slimmer body is what makes them happy, then by all means, go. They just have to make sure though that they’re entrusting their bodies to the licensed and professional ones.

But of course, liposuction is not for everyone. Before the procedure, intensive checking will be done on medical history and current health condition. Just like any other medical procedures, it also has its risks (and not all just benefits). It is important to be oriented of these all information before giving it a yes for the sake of beauty.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the “What?” Stage

I really enjoy this stage that Asher can now communicate with us.  Albeit there are still mispronunciation of letters, he can now express his thoughts clearly in sentences.  In fact, he talks non-stop.  I love the sweet tone of his voice when he say out of the blue: “Mommy (or Daddy), I love youuu!” or “Mommy, wag na galit ikaw”.  Lately, he has this habit of asking “Mommy, ano yan/yun?” (Mommy, what’s that?).  Looks like we’re on the verge of the “why?” stage which I’m gearing myself up to.  I think that would be the toughest part.  But as his Mom, I will try to answer all his questions to the best of my ability.  After all, that’s our main responsibility as parents to our kids, isn’t it?  They need close guidance so they won’t go astray when they grow up and end up in the juvenile center, drug rehab treatment centers and worst, in jails.


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