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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Voracious Appetite

Since the little one’s checkup last month, his weight hasn’t improved still but his Pedia is delighted to see how his face became rounder and his built plumper.   He assured as that in no time, we’ll see some significant change in his weight as long as he continues his voracious appetite.  I told the doctor that I’ve got not problems feeding him.  Unlike parents who need the best anti aging products  because of the stress brought about their picky eater kids, I’m happy with regards to his eating habits.  He eats a lot, often bargaining for a second serving of his lunch or dinner, eats veggies and, actually, he often requests for something to eat in between meals.  What I’m having difficulty with him is his being too active and robust.  He loves running around the compound that even if he got booboos and bruises already, he’ll just cry then becomes unstoppable again after a few hours.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer Workshops

In preparation for his preschooling, we've enrolled Asher in a Summer Academic Enrichment Program at HVLS. It's the same preschool he'll be attending come June for Nursery class. The summer classes will start on April 25 and it'll just be every M-W-F. In this program, he'll sort of have an orientation and will be acquainted what the Nursery world would be like. I deem it necessary for him to attend so that the adjustment will be easier for him once the regular classes start.

We're also thinking of registering him in another summer workshop so we're gauging what his interests are at the moment. Aside from being techie and can already tinker the ipad on his own (I think he's inclined to get tech jobs someday), he's interested with outdoor activities so a sports program on soccer, basketball or swimming will do. Let's see if I can find nearby sports clinics so we can enlist him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter to Asher 03.23.11

Dear Kuya Asher,

I wish to thank you for those times that you take care of Mommy especially at this period when I feel so sickly most of the time. When Daddy's not around, you take his place in rubbing my back while I throw up in the morning. I can't forget the first time you got me a glass of water to drink when I blurted out I felt like barfing and said "Mommy, here oh..drink ka na para di ka na suka". I love how you're playing cool being a kuya soon. During my Anmum drinking time, you also ask to be prepared a glass of your milk. You said that there's also a baby in your tummy and he also needs to drink milk. I can already foresee how you'd enjoy playing with your little sibling in your wrestling t-shirts and if it's going to be a little brother, I'm sure there'll be lots of rough housing activities much to my horror. But I know, it won't be that easy for you especially when that time comes. I'm sure there will be lots of wondering, worries and fear on your part by then but let Mommy assure you that you'll be okay and you'll always be loved my little one.

Love you lots,

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Simple Joys a Little Child

For Asher's 3rd birthday, we were supposed to gift him an electronic car which he fascinatingly tried in SM long time ago. But alas, we didn't have enough budget come March so his Daddy thought of giving him a bicycle instead. Most of his playmates have one and we would often see him envious when they play in the afternoon. To make up for this, we would allow him to sit on our neighbor's lap while they ride the snapper zero turn mower and he'd be the happiest. Oh the simple joys of a little child.

When we were in the department store about to buy his bicycle, he threw a fit and didn't want to try those in display. He alighted the bike and said he doesn't want it. Instead, he went to the Php 50 stalls where puzzles and cheap plastic toys are on display. He picked up a wooden puzzle set and that's what he asked to be bought for him. Of course, the Daddy was very much pleased as his wallet was saved from a thousand bucks injury. Again, the simplicity and simple joys of a little child.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Help Needed


Here’s one proof that my Asher’s indeed a big boy now.  He can now ascend and descend by himself on the stairs without help.  In fact, he refuses to be guided or helped upon that’s why we just stay in distance to still oversee his safety.  He’s also always reminded to be careful, take steps one at a time and to hold on tight to the rails.  Glad that the developer utilized armstrong grand illusions on each step so I’m at peace to know that the stairway’s safe.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Child-Proofing the House

It is imperative to make the house safe and child-proofed all the time especially if the kid has started to be mobile and robust.  Injuries may occur and no one shall be blamed but the negligence of whoever is watching over the kid.  It’s always important to make the surroundings safe to sheer them away from harm.  Speaking of injuries, do know that an Austin personal injury lawyer at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 may be contacted any time should a personal injury arise.  Their expertise and experience will help you fight for your compensation and whatever that is due to you brought about by the accident.  They serve the people throughout Forth Worth, Texas and surrounding areas.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Letter to Asher 03.04.11

Dearest Asher,

TGIF! I bet you are excited as Mommy and Daddy are because:

1. Our joint simple birthday celebration will be tomorrow na. I have placed our CCME and Ambers orders this noon then Mommy will be cooking your favorite Carbonara and garlic potatoes tomorrow lunch. We’ll also pick up your Toy Story birthday cake tomorrow after lunch. I’m really sorry if it’s not a Thomas and Friends cake as you wished. There’s no such character cake available at Goldilocks nor Red Ribbon. :(

2. Our beach getaway is just a few days away. Daddy deserves a big thank you hug for this trip as his birthday gift to both of us.

I enjoyed our morning walk this morning. Thank you for accompanying me do an errand and for not being a “tamad” walker anymore. You did not ask to be carried and I know you enjoyed our HHWW (holding hands while walking) moment as much as I did.

You were all smiles when you found a pen and a piece of paper inside my bag. You made me so happy when you excitedly followed my instruction and drew three vertical lines and two circles. Although the circles were imperfect and more of looked like a square, I appreciate the fact that you know now how to make two ends meet. Way to go my dear!

The shoe rack was your victim of the day. You invaded it and one by one, you put on your shoes and paraded the room. You should have seen how funny you looked like in your sando, brief and a black leather shoes to complete your getup. Looks like it would no longer be a medical profession handling point of care carts but you’re gearing to become a fashion model someday, huh? Que Sera Sera, what will be, will be?

You didn’t take an afternoon nap again so I’m pretty sure that you’ll be knocked down early tonight.

Oh how I missed doing this. I can’t even recall the last time I wrote a blog letter for you. I will try to make it regularly from now on. Promise!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Asher Turns 3

My little A officially turns 3 today.  He just smiled at me when I kissed him good morning and greeted Happy Birthday the moment he opened his eyes.  He knows it’s his special day and I can just sense his excitement because his Daddy promised to take him to Timezone later tonight after his birthday dinner perhaps in our fave nearby resto.  We won’t be cooking since an intimate get-together where he’ll have the “handa” is set on Saturday.  He saw the gifts from his Lola and Auntie on the table while we were going down the stairs and he was so excited.  He opened it immediately unmindful of my command to wait first while I get the camera.  He was too excited that he ripped the wrapper so soon and he got the biggest smile on his face when he saw books, pool cues  and his ultimate wish, a toy airplane!  The simple joys of a child.


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