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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sticky Mats Keep The Floor Debris and Germ-Free

When you have a baby, a toddler or a child at home, it’s just but necessary to ensure having a healthy and clean surroundings all the time.  Aside from keeping the house neat and organized for aesthetic pleasure, it is a must that the home must be kept sanitary and allergen-free at all times to safeguard the family’s health.
One of the most used and “abused” part of the house day by day is the flooring.  It is the floor that catches and absorbs all the dirt that we bring into the house from the outside.  Daily and religiously cleaning the floor through sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and sanitizing are the ideal ways to keep it clean.  But sometimes, no matter how hard or how we frequently sanitize the floor, there would always be dangerous contaminants and dirt that remain.  Utilizing a Cleanroom Sticky Mat adds extra help and protection against stubborn dirt and dust.  These masts consist of multi-layered clean-film full adhesive layers that effectively capture contaminants before any foot or wheeled equipment enters the room.  The acrylic adhesive does not support microbial growth that’s why germs and microbes are early arrested and stopped before they even get stuck on floorings.  The Sticky Mat can be used in both industrial and at homes and it’s a reliable way of keeping the floor debris-free.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Asher’s First Day of School Photobook

At long last, Asher’s first day of school is documented.  Not on photo prints though but on Photobooks!  The OC-ness in me deemed it necessary to have it very well chronicled in customized Artscow Photobooks complete with journaling so that he can read (and relive) about this very important and significant milestone event even during his grown up years. 

Thank you Artscow for the free PB code..I just paid about $8 for the shipping or roughly Php 350+.  Way a loooot cheaper than having it ordered from local PB suppliers.

The cover:

Some of the pages:
Page 3-4

Page 8 -9Page 5-6Page 12-13 Page 10-11Page 14-15Page 18-19     

The journaling:

Page 20-21Page 22-23

Friday, July 22, 2011

Custom Made Mens Dress Shirts For an Optimal Fit

My husband’s work as a software developer doesn’t require him to be in strictly formal corporate attire every day.  In fact, their company is a bit lax as they just direct them to wear “business casual” attire from Mondays to Thursdays.  Every Friday, they may come in smart casual getup as it’s their Dress Down Day.  However, there are also occasional events and instances when he needs to come in corporate formal wear like when attending Business Meetings with their big bosses or other formal gatherings.  With such, there’s a need for him to stock a few Mens Dress Shirts in his closet so when the need arises, he has a few that he can easily pull out and use.

The thing about mens dress shirts or polo shirts is that they’re only a few good choices in mall and department store racks.  Often, they’re very expensive.  This is often a dilemma for the husband because the limited choices don’t allow him to choose the best that really pleases and suit his preferences.  The worst thing is that he often ends up buying his preferred color and design but it doesn’t fit him quite right.  So there’s still a need for us to bring the shirt to the tailor for alteration.

This has been his predicament for several years now until he discovered a supplier that can make impressive tailored made Mens Dress Shirts.  A Made To Measure Dress Shirt is one that fits accurately not just in standard areas but in all other parts like the hip size, bicep size, shoulder breadth, etc.  In a shorter term, it’s a perfect and optimal fit.  These custom made shirts are made specifically for each client so it’s the best solution to ill-fitting dress shirts especially those who have disproportional body built and sizes.  Custom made shirts aren’t only made according to one’s specific body measurements but the workmanship and durability can also exceed one’s expectations.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Searching for Nutritious, Easy Snack Recipes for my Little School Boy

A healthy snack between meals is essential because this will provide us the extra nutrients we need for the day.  For schooling kids, a morning snack in school should be filling enough to keep them from starving until lunch time.  Candies and junk foods are never a good choice as they never contribute to a Good Nutrition.

Since Asher started going to preschool last month, preparing his snack box/lunchbox every morning has been an enjoyable yet sometimes challenging morning task for me.  For five days a week, I have to think of varied healthy snack choices that should be nutritious and appealing to him so that he’d surely eat them in school.  During the first few weeks, I packed those cookies and biscuits that are commercially and readily packed from the grocery.  All I just had to do was stuff them inside his lunchbox.  Easy peasy, mission accomplished.  But as days went along, I noticed that he hasn’t been consuming them all and he’d bring home his lunchbox with an unfinished food.  I realized his taste buds must have gotten fed up with these same kind of snacks.

And so here comes the new challenge.  I have to think of new healthy choices of snacks for him that are easy to prepare.  Lately, I’ve been scouring the web for online easy snack Recipes and I’ve seemingly hit the jackpot with the vast recipes I found at Recipe4Living.com.  So far I’ve bookmarked already the recipes for Yellow Squashed Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich, Caramel Apple Buns, Peanut Butter and Honey Roll-Ups, Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies and many more.  I can’t wait to try them all.  This website houses hundreds of well-rated recipes contributed by a lot of foodies worldwide.  The recipes come with complete instructions and pictures of the finished product so it’ll be easier to follow.  Now I’ll never run of options, too and I’m sure that the little one will enjoy these appetizing and nutritious snack meals.

image image

Friday, July 15, 2011

Customized School Bag for Asher

Alright…I gave in. 

The reason why I’ve been restraining myself from buying the Skip Hop Zoopack I’m crushing on (for Asher), aside from the fact that it’s too costly is that Asher’s current school backpack is still very much in good condition.

I really don’t have plans of buying him a new bag anytime soon.  But this mindset instantly changed when I saw this cool deal from Artscow:


Personalized Schoolbags for just $16.99 (inclusive of free shipping) for the large school bag, $13.99 for the small one by using this coupon code on checkout: 

Coupon Code :

Expiry Date :  7 / 27 / 2011

Regular price for the large back pack will be pegged at $19.99 plus standard international shipping of $12.99.  So do the math for the savings I got (got the large one) by being one of the early birds.

Here are the features of the bag:

  • * Padded back and front for protection and comfort image
  • * Double zippered closure
  • * Image printed on polyester using dye sublimation process to prevent crack, peel or discoloring.
  • * Adjustable padded leather straps made from leather (min. 20”, max. 30”)
  • image
  • * Top hook
  • * Dimensions: 9.75"(L) x 4.5”(W) x 12.5"(H)

Quality wise, of course, we can’t really decipher yet from its looks and we won’t know until we see and try the bag first hand.  I’ll update you once I get hold of the bag a few (I hope!) weeks from now. 

Here’s the design I made (thanks to a great digiscrapper friend, ate Jen, for the template!):


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teach Me, Lead Me, Inspire Me..Daddy

There’s so much things that I love about my husband.  The list is endless, actually.

One of them is his being a hands-on Dad to Asher despite of him being so busy and toxic with work.


This is their Sunday morning ritual.  He makes it a point that he is also involved with Asher’s formative learning by reviewing the lessons they had for the week and teaching the little one some advanced lessons as well. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Study Habits

During my schooling years, I was more effective and could study better when cramming.  That is, I never start or had my homeworks done as soon as I get home.  I always rest and prioritize leisure first.  I only start doing my assignments when it’s getting late.  This is not an ideal study habit, I know, that’s why now that my son is schooling, I make sure that he won’t ever adapt this attitude. 
Since they’re just in the Nursery level, the teacher sends their books home and give their assignments only every Friday.  I was delighted when, Asher, upon reaching home yesterday, insisted that we do right away his homework.  He said, “Mommy, aral na tayo (let’s study)” while handing me his bag.  And so even though I was busy with my online work, I momentarily dropped it off and guided him in his homework.  It wasn’t really a complex one like they have to draw gps golf course maps so I just read to him the instruction and he did the page all by himself.  Their lesson in Reading now is about the concept of “alike” and “different”.  I’m impressed because he finished all items correctly in a breeze.
Way to go, Kuya Asher.  Do not be like Mommy, the crammer, okay?

Learning To Trust

Since Paul reported to their Eastwood office yesterday (much nearer to our home), we had the luxury of time to drop off personally Asher in school.  So unlike the separation drama that unfolded the day before, I wasn’t that gloomy and affected anymore when I kissed him goodbye inside the classroom.  There was still a thug and heaviness in the heart to leave him alone in the school but my emotions were somehow manageable…and I didn’t cry anymore.
It’s indeed hard.  But as I’ve said, there’s also a need for me to learn.  I must also be brave and that, I need to worry less about everything.  That everything will just be alright.  That there’s no need to be paranoid about anything that could happen while my son is in school or while he’s aboard his school service (like wishing there’s an emergency roadside assistance every hundred meters the bus will pass by).  That I need to learn to trust.  Trust his teachers that they will take care of him as if he’s their own son and have faith that the school service driver will be very careful and vigilant while driving.
Yes, to trust is what I need to learn at this moment.  Trust that God will always keep my son safe and away from harm.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hoping For a Clearance Soon

Since there was quite a long queue of waiting patients in my OB’s clinic this afternoon, we maximized our time and brought the little one to his Pediatrician for his scheduled monthly checkup.  He’s now on his 6th (and hopefully, the last) month of medication for his Primary Complex.  His doctor checked on him and he’s quite happy with the outcome.  He gained weight by 2 kilos and although she wishes for a more impressive figure, she’s still pleased with the results.  She noticed that there’s still a few nodules (?) in his neck so she ordered for a repeat chest xray for a more comprehensive evaluation of his lungs.  We’ll get the results by Monday and from there, we’d know and we’d be advised if there’s a need to continue his meds or not.  I hope he’d be finally get cleared.  He’s instructed to just consume his Polynerv and Zinbee supplements and as always tank up with a good balanced diet. I'm tasked to make sure that his meals include veggies and an organic fruit every single day.
Meanwhile, Asher was commended how great looking he is now.  His cheeks have gotten more beefy now as compared to before.  I really hope and pray that he’s all well now.  It’s really hard when somebody in the family gets sick.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Dearest Asher,

The day that I’m dreading has finally come.  Today is the first time that I didn’t accompany you to school.  You were hesitant at first when Mommy told you that I couldn’t go with you anymore.  But after a while and seeing that I wasn’t dressed up while I prepped you this morning, you were okay with the idea and just said “opo” when I reminded you to behave in school (no running! so Teacher will give you a star), participate well in the class, share toys with your classmates, wait for Kuya Alex inside the classroom when class is over and just enjoy school.

Your school service came and you ran outside ahead of us as you would always do every morning.  By this time, I was already battling my emotions and fighting back my tears.  I told Mang Kiko (the driver) all the “bilins” I’ve prepared.  You were inside the school service and you’re looking at me.  This is the most hurtful moment this morning, my son.  You didn’t cry but looking at your face, I know you’re sad, too, that you’re leaving without Mommy sitting by your side.  I tried to smile while I waved and bid you goodbye the moment the school service started moving.  My tears started to well up so I turned around while I shot a last glance of you.  You were still looking at me and Yayie, unmoving.  I went inside the house and that’s when I burst into tears. 

I really can’t believe that you’re big na, my son.  I know how much you want me to stay with you in school.  Believe me, anak, I also would just want to be beside you all the time.  But that’s not possible.  Part of your growing up means you have to start spreading your wings and learn how to fly...to stand on your own…to be independent.  Life is like that, son.  Our absence does not mean we love you less.  We love you so much that’s why we’re letting you learn, enjoy and experience life.

Just like you, we also must learn how to let you grow.    We can’t stop the time and “baby” you forever.  Believe me, it’s hard for me to see you go alone a while ago but I also need to learn..and grow, too, anak.  By the way, thank you for making it easier for me somehow.  It would have been doubly hard for me if you cried while leaving. 

As I’m starting this new paragraph, I’m feeling better now.  In just a few minutes, you’ll be coming home and we’ll be together again.  I’m so missing you very much, anak!  I’m sorry if I’m so sentimental now and can’t help to recall your newborn days when you were still so small and delicate.  I wholeheartedly gave up working in the corporate world to take care of you full time.  I’ve seen you first smile, babble, eat, crawl, walk, run and all of your other monumental firsts.  Now, you’re preschooling, eating, dressing up by yourself, brushing your teeth atop a two step stool, even bathing on your own.   I’m beyond happy to witness all of that.  For 3 years that I’ve been with you and see you grow each and every second of the day, this day is really painful yet I’m proud for both of us. 

Tomorrow will be another painful day..but I just know that we’ll both be better…until we’re fully okay.  Sooner or later, I might be crying again out of anxiety not because of separation but you might be shooing away Mommy because you’re “binata” na.  Hayyyy!  I really can’t believe you’re big na, Kuya!  We love you so much…up to the moon…and back.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Educational Tools to Encourage Kids Learning

clip_image001It is normal for kids to be more interested with play rather than study. Young children who are going to school for the first time should be well prepared and this process should start right at home. As parents, you have the responsibility to become their first teachers. Learning should start at home in order to prepare them for a new phase in life. Now the challenge lies in making kids interested with learning.

There are a number of educational tools that are available in order to promote a fun and exciting learning environment for kids. With the help of a little internet research, you’ll be able to determine what tools are right for your child depending on age and personality. Of course the common flash cards and books are still a classic choice. Engage your kids in activities and writing by buying workbooks for beginners. You could choose specific tools in order to develop the certain aspects of the child’s mind and body.

Building blocks promote good hand and brain coordination and enable a young kid to recognize shapes and colors. Now if you want to use a modern approach, you can utilize the internet to your advantage. There are games designed for learning that are available on the worldwide web as well as resources and valuable parenting techniques. Now with the popularity of gadgets such as the iPad you can easily get your child interested with interactive learning.

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