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Monday, October 24, 2011

Story Book Day ~ 10.21.11

Asher's school held a Story Book Day last Friday. This is an activity that nurtures their love towards reading and at the same time, it teaches them to value books. Since it's the season for donning costumes because of the Halloween, the school decided to let the kids come in story book character costumes. This is a sort of their Halloween party, too, sans the scary costumes and effects so as not to frighten the little ones.

The Nursery class was assigned to come in Fairy Tale-themed costumes. So he came as Peter Pan with this green costume we bought from Toy Kingdom. It's actually a Robin Hood costume but I tweaked the costume and replaced the brown hat with a green one so that he'd look like Peter Pan. (Peter Pan is more enchanting and appealing to kids, I thought). Other kids came as Aladdin, a Knight complete with warrior helmets as bulky and as huge as hjc helmets, a Princess, a ladybug, superheroes (Kinder class) and book characters made into movies for the Prep class (Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, etc). After introducing themselves one by one, they had a story book telling activity wherein all kids sat in the center and listened attentively.

Next month, they'll be celebrating a Pet Day. It will surely be another exciting event for the kids as they'll be bringing their pets to school.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kids Dreaming of Becoming Doctors Someday

When Asher's school held a Career Day, I noticed that most kids (preschoolers) came in their costumes of those who work in the medical field. Asher chose to be a doctor so he wore a lab gown and held a stethoscope to complete the look. The others came as doctors, too, while some as nurses and dentists. I guess, that's how significant the role of doctors is that even young children look up to them with very much high regard. Their monthly exposure to their pediatricians during their well baby checkups may have inspired them to follow their footsteps someday. I wish that these kids may indeed reach their goal to become doctors in the future. Who knows their profiles, just like Dr. Eric Brown MD's would be seen at Doximity, an exclusive, private network of US physicians for them to communicate and get in touch should referrals and medical assistance among themselves are needed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Asher: The Little Angry Bird

Dearest Asher,

I can still vividly remember how your face looked disappointed and mad in this picture. Before that, you were deeply concentrating and so engrossed playing one particular level in AngryBirds on the iPad. You were quietly seated beside me while I worked, constantly hearing the annoying laughter of the pigs every time you fail to finish a level. The next thing I know, you screamed and cried out of frustration. You drove away the iPad and turned your back on me. I tried to console you but all the more you got mad. I felt sorry and I could feel your frustration, anak. With my arms wrapped around a crying Asher, I remember telling you that it's just okay. That Mommy can help you get through the level. That I perfectly understand how badly you felt and it's just alright. What's important is that you'll realize after a while that a failure on one thing is not the dead end of everything. You may nurse your frustration for a while but make sure that you'll brush it off later and tell yourself that there's always a second try.

And oh..yes anak, Mommy perfectly understands that your being mad doesn't make you a bad kid. At your age when you're at the peak of emotional development, I know that controlling your emotions is such a hurdle for you at this stage. Mommy understands that when you get mad or angry, you mean no harm to anyone. That's just a way for you to breathe out your frustration. Don't worry Mommy and your teachers in school are doing our best to guide and coach you. As you grow, I have faith in you that you’ll learn how to manage your feelings better. So this is my way of telling you that yes, you can be an "angry bird" when the going gets tough but do remember that there's a better and nicer way to deal with things that frustrate you. And just like what Teacher Bing always reminds you, refrain from sporting a mad face because you'll easily age and will look like a grumpy old man so soon. Not nice, di ba?

I love you so much, my cute little "angry bird"!


Spiderman in the House!

The little one is into Spiderman these days. I can't actually recall when this fascination started but all I know is that he loves imitating Spiderman's actions and poses including how Spiderman reaches out his hands to eject web threads he could use to swing from one building to another. Asher could exactly copy how Spiderman docks and observes his surroundings.

One night, while his Daddy and I were discussing what to do with error that my laptop has been having with acer batteries, he interrupted us and charmed his Daddy to buy him a Spiderman costume. Incidentally, we saw one at Toy Kingdom last weekend while we were scouting for his costume that he'll wear for their Story Book Day next week. The little one was beyond happy when he saw it so upon reaching home, he asked our assistance in dressing him up. He gamely posed for me when I captured his cute getup through my iPhone. He's the cutest Spiderman I've ever seen, agree?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Career Day

“Hi! I’m Asher.  When I grow up, I want to be a Doctor because I want to cure sick people".”
Career Day, September 30, 2011

Every month, Asher’s school sets a theme from which their monthly activities are based.  For the month of September, they had a Career Day to embody the theme “Community Helpers”.  The students were asked to come in community helper costumes that they want to become when they grow up.  We asked Asher and he readily blurted out that he wants to become a Doctor.  Perhaps he’s reminded of his Pediatrician who dotingly sees after his health.  Great choice, anak.  Further, I was relieved because a doctor costume is one of the easiest to come up with.  We dressed him in a polo shirt, black pants and black shoes.  Then the doctor getup was completed with a lab gown which we had tailored for just a few hundred bucks in a nearby tailor shop plus his toy stethoscope.  The kids had a mini-program where they made a one-liner speech telling what their dream community helper roles are and why.  Some kids came in a pilot, soldier, astronaut, philanthropist, teacher and nurse costumes.  There were also parents who were invited to talk about their profession.  One Dad who’s an artist and entertainer showcased his drums playing talent while a couple who are Dance Instructors strutted their ballroom dancing expertise.  It was a short yet meaningful activity for the kids.  It’s indeed a great way to inculcate in them the value of our community helpers we have around.

Paper Butterfly and Dog

The latest artworks that Asher brought home were these:

image image

I really appreciate how his teachers come up with such creative yet easy artworks for Asher and his classmates.  I remember when I was a preschooler, we didn’t have such fun creations and our art projects were just limited to the usual and very common materials like mongo seeds or cotton.  We would create different objects by sticking the materials creating different figures.  That’s probably the reason why I wasn’t lured to the arts at an early age and instead, I dreamt of holding office jobs like Technical Recruiter Jobs when I grow up.  I wonder what their next projects will be.  I also feel delighted every time the little one brings home his project so mighty proud and happy as he shows them to me and make “kwento” how his teacher helped him do a paper animal.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Restaurant Web Directories

Our family makes sure that every weekend is a well spent one.  This is the only time that we are together throughout the day so we bond over activities that we’ll all truly enjoy and cherish.  One of these activities which our three year old son Asher looks forward to is dining in our fave restaurants.  He loves specifically those that served pastas, pizzas and ice cream.  He isn’t into burgers but I bet if we’re in the United States, he’d gladly try those Los Angeles Restaurants or he’d gladly choose American dishes featured in those New York City menus.

Speaking of restaurants, scouring nowadays that will satisfy your cravings doesn’t entail much difficulty anymore.  You can just log on the web and through food web directory sites, you’d be given a comprehensive listing of restaurants in one particular area.  Let’s say you’re looking for Lower East Side restaurants, you just need to point your browser to Foodiebytes.com and you’ll see a list of top rated New York restaurants within the Lower East Side area.  You can even take control in customizing your search by choosing a different distance (in miles), cuisine (like if you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant) or other specifications you may have like restaurants having a Happy Hour, Online Ordering, Good For Groups, Delivery, Buffet and many more.  The search is even made easier because of the Google Map feature on the website which will let you know the exact location of the restaurant.  Users are also able to rate a particular dish or resto which other foodies can greatly benefit from and guide them in their selection.  So the next time you become clueless where to dine, Foodiebytes.com is the directory to peruse.


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