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Friday, February 24, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday

Angry Birds Invite 1edited

Asher will celebrate his 4th birthday next week.  Deciding for a theme wasn’t that difficult because he already has in mind what he wants.  And yes, the picture above is a sneak peak of his invitation which I personally designed.  Angry Birds, it is!

Well, I’m glad that his choice was an easy one.  It’s one of the latest trends so googling around for stock photos to use on the invitation didn’t entail any difficulty.  I thought he wanted a sort of rock and roll theme since he has been more of a rocker or a musician wannabe these past few days.  (He even pretended that my laptop was a type of vestax mixers.) 

I’m so excited for Friday because I can just feel the little one’s excitement to blow the candle on his Angry Birds cake.  Advance Happy Birthday, my Asherito!



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