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Sunday, February 12, 2012

In The Mood

On our way home yesterday from the mall, Asher was in the mood to review his lessons in school.  Surprisingly, he answered all of our questions gamely and every excitedly.  Normally, he’d just ignore our questioning or insist that we stop reviewing him because he’s already tired even though we just started.  Anyway, we were surprised how he has learned so much.  He also told us stories about happenings that transpired in school like who was absent because he got sick, whom he chased and played with in the garden, like who among his classmates smelled good (perhaps he smelled the scent of a discount perfume), who helped him opened his food during snack time and many more.  I wish he continues to tell stories about school so that I’ll know the right approach to supplement the learning he gets from school.



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