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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Summer Reading Workshop


A co-parent of mine from Asher’s school alerted me of the Reading Safari Workshop that will be offered at The Learning Library.  Just like last summer, we really intend to let the little one undergo a summer workshop so that he’ll have something to busy about during the 2 months school break.  Further, Asher still needs improvement with regards to his letter recognition skills so a summer reading class is definitely the ideal workshop that he can join.  I have inquired today and I learned that the workshop will be held twice a week from April 10 onwards with a total of 8 sessions.  I can’t decide yet since Asher’s school is also offering a similar reading summer class so the husband and I will need to weigh which is better between these two options.  I don’t think it would be effective if Asher will join both for he might get overwhelmed.  Besides, it’s summer anyway and although I want him to not get bored, I also do not want to overload him as if he’s attending regular classes.  I’ll inquire one of these days from Asher’s teacher regarding the school’s summer class.  Meanwhile, we’ll make use of the reading books that his Lola gave him to practice on.  I’ll also check out the video tutorials from my vlc download for tips on effectively teaching a preschooler about letter recognition and reading.



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