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Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Reading Books!

Asher remarkably improved his reading skills last quarter.  He was struggling with letter recognition when the school year started but now he can read several 3 and 4 letter words!  There are still times when he gets confused or he interchanges the sounds of a few letters but nevertheless, we can now say that we have a little reader! 
Look how he’s so elated when these practice reading books were delivered this morning.  He has been anticipating the arrival as he knew that he has a reward for his great 3rd quarter performance.  He couldn’t put them down the moment we opened them.  He started reading Book 1 right away.  He has been bugging us for a swimming break recently but looks like the electric pool heaters will have to wait to be turned on as obviously, he’s still high and excited over his new books.



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